Friday, September 26, 2014

SIGN UP--Christmas Recipe Exchange!

A twist on the traditional Christmas Card Exchange! This time we'll be sending recipes (in the mail) instead of just cards. Recipes that are old favorites, or special to your family. Maybe one you've seen and thought looked amazing but haven't had a chance to try yet. Snacks, main dishes, side dishes or desserts...

They can be on recipe cards, in handwriting or typed out, decorated or left plain and simple. Include notes on why you love it or just go for the straight recipe. It's really up to yall however you'd like to make it special for your recipient. You can include a Christmas card as well or just send the recipe.

**Feel free to invite your friends or blog followers! If you'd like to post about it or add the button to your side boards please do!**
I love Christmas. And I love cooking! So figured I'd smoosh the two together and invite yall to join in too! This is open to readers, authors and bloggers!

I know it's WAY early for Christmas but wanted to give people plenty of time to SIGN UP and join in. Sign up is open until Nov 10th! Yall will get your "people" to send recipes to shortly after :) 

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