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Must Reads! Historical Romance

A bit back I was asked about doing some favorites lists. 
Books or authors I think should be on everyone's tbr pile.

And so... Herding Cats & Burning Soup Must Reads! 

For today...Historical Romances. 
Oh my word. I have a lot. I'm a total historical romance junkie.
And dang a LOT of them turned out to be Pick of the Litter reads--aka 5 stars
I really don't give these out often but looking at this list you'd never know! lol

These are in no particular order. Just the one Blogger decided to put the name images in.
Barton is one of my more recent historical favorites but she's incredible.
The covers fit the books perfectly and the insides are just as gorgeous.
She has an amazing talent for really making you see what's happening. 
How stunning the dresses are. How captivating the paintings.

The storylines are unique and entertaining and the characters just wonderful.
Total auto buy author for me.

Reviews--Book1, Book2 (4.5 stars), Book3 (4.5 stars)

Basso blows me away over and over again.
Amazing stories.
But the best thing is....
the heroines!
I have the hardest time with heroines but Basso just writes incredible women.
Strong, resilient, determined and...likable.


How to be a Scottish Mistress--Review | Amazon | Goodreads (4.5 stars)
Bride of a Scottish Warrior--Review | Amazon | Goodreads (4.5 stars)

This was one of my first from Day and still my favorite.
I was sucked in from page one and it was a very sexy and fun ride that had me completely committed.
It was way spicier than I was expecting and totally swoon-worthy.

Review | Amazon | Goodreads (5 stars)

Delamere is one of my local authors and blew me away with her debut.
It's a sweeter romance but wonderful.
Interesting characters, heart breaking moments and just one that made me feel.
She made me laugh. She made me cry. She made me fall completely for her characters.
Total reader win.

Haymore gave me shivers! I read The Duchess Hunt and fell head over heels in love with it.
An unconventional family. A forbidden romance. 
A mystery woven into the plot that had me guessing and eager to see what would happen next. 
It was an incredible experience and followed up by a fun Christmas novella that was...steeeeeeeeeamy!
Loved it!
The Duchess Hunt--Review | AmazonGoodreads (5 stars)
   His for Christmas-- Review | Amazon | Goodreads (4.5 stars)

I so late to the Hoyt game and man I had missed out.
A bit darker than I expected, completely captivating and had some nice heat.
A marriage of convenience and some vigilante happenings.
A grouchy older (37) hero and a lively exuberant heroine.
It was just an incredibly rich world that had me riveted the entire time I was reading.

Another one of my local ladies! And an absolute trip!
A friend of mine adores her and finally got me to read her a few years back--she was one of my first historical authors and had me completely hooked.

Witty, fun, intriguing. A little bit of steam happening and a lot of humor mixed in.
An underlying mystery and just amazing characters with interesting tales.

Kelly writes lovely romance. 
His Mistletoe Bride is one of my all time favorite Christmas romances.
Unique and quirky characters, a comfortable feel with a spot of mystery.
I was smiling the whole time and closed the book just full out grinning.

And another one of my local ladies. Am I lucky or what?!
A sweet romance (very little heat) about a baker that had me delighted and captivated.
I just adored her characters. The flow of the story. The romance that wrapped around these two.
The baking! Oh yes.The baking was wonderful and added some fabulous scenes.
Oh and the hero was part of the ton so a mixed matched couple. I just love those.

Kramer is one of those authors that just makes me smile.
The romances are lovely and charming.
The characters endearing and full of whit.
The covers...gorgeous.
They're just fun romances and always leave me in a better place than when I started them.


When Harry Met Molly--Review | Amazon | Goodreads
Say Yes to the Duke--Review | AmazonGoodreads

Ahhh Sarah MacLean.
This was one of my first historical romance series.
It was just so much fun and addictive.
Great set ups, fab characters, some humor. 

She has another series that's wonderful as well--
Rules of Scoundrels which is great and a bit darker than this series. 

Review | Amazon | Goodreads

A Measured Risk was one of those reads that caught me by surprise in a wonderful way.
It's historical and erotic romance blended together.
A very unique situation with a heroine with PTSD and a hero that uses BDSM to help her through her fears and traumas.
It's not always an easy read but it was a wonderful one.

Best. Deflowerings. Ever.
I adore Quick (and her alter Jayne Ann Krentz).
When I first started reading--a couple years before the blog--I gobbled every single book of hers I could get my hands on. 
They're easy reads. Some light mystery, some light romance, a little suspense or paranormal (psychic kind of things) happening.
Quirky characters.
Hilarious sex scenes that can be awkward and over a wee bit too fast and just make me smile.
Some of my faves...


Review | Amazon | Goodreads

So...that's my current list of Historical Romances I think everyone should try!

I love quite a few other historical romance authors but this would be my go to list for those interested in trying out the genre.

What about yall? Who are your Must Read Historical Authors?

Past Must Reads Lists!

If you've got a suggestion for a Must Reads! list let me know!

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