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Review/Quote-tastic (71)--wait, what's freezing?! Forever Starts Tonight by Roni Loren

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Eep! This week is one of my favorite authors...Roni Loren. Who just writes glorious erotic romances. This is from a novella out tomorrow that's kind of a catch up "what are they doing now" kinda thing on the "couple" from book two of the series. It's m/f/m with some m/m elements to it as well. And I loved it! Anyways. Review is below if yall wanna check it out and a couple quotes too. This first one just made me giggle. I loved his reasoning for heading back inside...
"Right now, I just want to get you back down to the cabin and celebrate."

"But we're just beginning to enjoy all this snow," she said innocently. "I've never made out in the snow. Think how sexy that could be, rolling around in it."

Jace looked like he was trying not to laugh, and Andre groaned behind her. "Bella, if you want me to provide any children in the future, I need to get into the warmth. My man parts are dying."

She turned around Andre's arms and kissed his jaw. "Well, I'm quite fond of those man parts..."
And then this one. Holy cow. It led to an interesting scene. This is one scorching little novella. 
...She'd grown into this strong woman, this stunning creature who made him laugh, made him think, made him love. And on top of all that, she could match him on the freak scale notch for notch, which was quite a feat.

Which was why, despite the early hours, he climbed into bed behind her, curled his arms around her, and whispered, "Good morning, love. I'm about to fuck your boyfriend in the shower if you want to join us."

Forever Starts Tonight (Loving on the Edge, #5.5)
Type: Erotic Romance--BDSM, Menage, M/M/F & M/F/M, Novella
Heat: 4 out of 5  Rating: 4 out of 5

Oh Roni outdid herself. *nods* So my first taste of the Loving on the Edge series was the book before this one. And omg. I LOVED it. So a new novella, yep, I'm all on board. And it was a delightfully naughty treat! Forever Starts Tonight is actually the follow up to the original "couple" that started the series and how they're doing now. And I say "couple" because....there's three of them. And Sweet Mary. They are freaking amazing!

I loved these guys. There's a charm about Loren's characters. Jace, Andre and their woman Evan.They're easy to get to know, make you want more and are just effervescent. They glow. It's a wonderful thing to see and pretty rare I think. But I was just drawn to these three. They've found their HEA but are realizing that no matter how in love they all are, or how wonderful things have been, that after finding love and declaring's still work. Insecurities can pop in and worries about the future can weigh heavy. And you have to work to keep that love growing strong. It was wonderful watching these three continue to find and cherish each other in...all ways.

Whewboy! Yeah. Loren can bring some serious heat to the table. And it's delicious!Jace and Andre have been friends for ages and are lovers now as well. The two men like to Dominate Evan--the heroine--but there's also a bit of D/s happening between the men as well. Which turned out pretty hot. Lovin' is going on between all three--and some light bdsm-- but also just between the men. I liked that they were all comfortable enough and secure enough that they could pair off and be fine now and again.

The storyline was sweet and a little scary for them. Trying to cement their places in each others lives when the world at large didn't really see them as a unit but as all going through some "kinky phase" they'd get over eventually. You could feel their frustrations over it and how hard it was to feel secure when everyone thinks otherwise and that your relationship is a joke.

Even though Forever Starts Tonight is only novella in length Loren totally rocked it. The story had depth, layers and was very satisfying. The perfect amount of erotic moments mixed with real life moments and wonderful romance to tie it all together. Now, because I'm a greedy bitch I would have loved for this one to be even longer but I was still very pleased and impressed with what Loren delivered. Oh! And this can easily be read without reading their original story. I had no problem catching on to what was happening :)

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