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The Unsuitable Secretary (Ladies Unlaced #4) by Maggie Robinson

Harriet Benson takes her work at the Evensong Agency seriously, but lately, between convalescing from an illness and tending to her father and two young brothers, she’s had to shorten her hours. So when a promising position opens up for part time work, she immediately accepts, despite the fact that her new boss is scandalously indecent—and dangerously appealing.

Though his reputation paints him as a scoundrel, Sir Thomas Featherstone is more proper than anyone would guess. But Harriet’s wit and luscious curves are driving him to distraction. She’s the perfect woman to fill his office requirements, and other desperate needs he’s been ignoring…

Harriet has always held firm to the rule that a secretary must never fall in love with her employer. Only Thomas is determined to win her affections—and he’s willing to risk any cost to make her his…

Type: Historical Romance
Heat: 3 out of 5
Rating: 4 out of 5

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Annnd Maggie Robinson is totally winning me over to her smart, sassy and sexy romances! The Unsuitable Secretary was the second I've read from Robinson and it was such a fun little jaunt as proper Harriet takes on the task of being "playboy" Thomas's secretary and getting the brilliant but scattered man all in order as he organizes an artists commune. And...while things are all coming together...maybe falls in love in the process too. *dreamy sigh*

I really liked these two and their clashing personalities. Harriet's all about the rules, what's proper and order. And Thomas. Oh man he is so not. He's a free spirit, his mind never stops and he's unorganized in a way brilliant people are. He's a social butterfly, has a reputation and is just...lively and animated. He really was charming and Harriet reliable and solid and not afraid to voice her opinion. It was fun seeing them come together to work on his artists commune and other projects.

The two had wonderful chemistry while working together and the steamy bits were lovely and endearing."Playboy"...actually has no game. Like. None. Yeah, his bad boy reputation is entirely a bluff. Bwaha I loved that. While he's usually smooth and has a way with words Harriet totally puts him off his game and turns him into a bumbler which was so dang cute! Things could get a little awkward as they fumbled about together but damn it was so incredibly sweet at the same time. And could be oh so very steamy. When he does finally manage to make his move...they're definitely working for him...and for Harry. lol

Okay so my quote is a touch spoilery but I just liked his bit of bumbling at himself after landing in the doghouse...

All in all, The Unsuitable Secretary was just a fun romance with a very unique set up that was easy to fall into and love. The characters had sass, heart and a whit to them which really made for a fun read as they fought their way around obstacles in their path and found love. Definitely one to check out if you love historical romance but want something a little fresh and new!

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