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Quote-tastic/Review--Nekkid coffee for the win!--On the Run by Jo Davis

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Yay! Jo Davis! I loved this one. It's a spin off of one of my favorite fire fighter series. This time following the town cops. And holyhell they are SEXY! I had 2 quotes again this week. This first one I just chuckled along with him. Totally made me smirk :) This is pretty early on after they've just met.

"Hey, come in," he said, standing aside. "Excuse the place. It's not much."

She walked inside, glancing around. "It's fine. You keep it clean."

"I hate clutter. Have a seat? Can I get you something to drink?"

"Water is fine, thanks."

Her eyes bored into his back as he hobbled to the kitchen. Digging in the fridge, he snagged two bottles of water and took one back to her. "Shame it's not something stronger."

She smiled at that. "It is a little early. Come by the bar later and we can fix that."

"I might just do that." He watched her take a drink, then fiddle with the bottle. "What's on your mind? I'm sure you didn't come all the way over here for bottled water."

"The pleasure of your company?"

He laughed. "I'd be more flattered if that wasn't phrased as a question."

"Oh. Well, it's true. I did want to see you."

"Then my day has already improved."
 And another that just made me laugh a bit. Love a little corny humor ;)
They snuggled for a while longer before Tonio finally made a move. "I need to get a shower and take care of a few things. Coffee first?"

"Sure, naked coffee sounds great."

Laughing, he slid from the bed. "How do you take yours?"

"My coffee? Naked. Just like my man." She leered at him and liked that she made him chuckle all the way to the kitchen. 
On the Run (Blue #4)
Heat: 3 out of 5
Rating: 4 out of 5

Ahhhhhh everything was so so good! The suspense. The romance. The characters. The hot lovin'. Yes. On the Run totally gave me the happy shivers as Tonio goes undercover to snag a bad guy and kinda sorta falls for the guy's sister. Oops!

Angel and Tonio were great characters. He's just an all around good guy who is honorable (and sexy) and Angel. Well. The chickie has balls! She can be sweet but she's also pretty badass. Says what she's thinking and doesn't let the scary shit get to her too much.

They were fantastic together and holy hell the heat! Scorching hot and totally sexy. There's nothing over the top though. It's just their chemistry and connection and, okay, they fuck in a park during the day, so there's a little wildness to it but really it was just them being them and whew. The tingles! lol

The suspense crept along nicely with him being in danger of getting his cover blown and walking that edge of playing the bad guy but falling in love at the same time. Ahhh the battle! The bad guy was truly demented and needed help. It was crazy to feel bad for him but...there ya go. Now. That's not saying I would have teared up had he, like, gotten hit by a mack truck but still.

My only complaint was the very beginning. Everything starts with a "present day" scene then things go back 5 weeks and the entire story is told. That one scene at the beginning though kind of diminished some of the suspense for me since you know what's gonna happen before it did. Wasn't a huge issue but I think I would have rather seen it for the first time as the story was told. Okay one other issue that might bother some...

All in all, though, On the Run was a luscious romantic-suspense. It kept me edgy and heated up and ready for more. Jo Davis seriously knows her way around rom-suspense. Whew!

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