Thursday, April 9, 2015


Blog Ahead is back! This time for a mini 2 week version to help get everyone ready for Summer vacation! Getting ahead with blog posts is something I think is so important. It can really lighten the stress of blogging and is great for allowing down days if you just can't get by the blog but still want things to go live

To create a 2 week blogging buffer by increasing your total number of scheduled blog posts by 14. 

If you start the challenge with 20 scheduled posts... 
you finish the challenge with 34 scheduled posts.

Any posts that are completely finished and ready to go live.

This can be weekly memes like Waiting on Wednesday, Cat Thursday, book/product reviews, author guest posts, discussion topics, etc. 

They don't have to be book related. 

Anyone! Really. New to blogging or seasoned bloggers.

It's fine if books aren't your main theme.

It's even okay if you don't think you can hit 14 extra scheduled posts in 2 weeks. 
Even if you only get 1-2 extra posts scheduled that's still a great thing, right?

Just add your blog to the linky list below!

It's not a requirement but if you're able to create a sign up post on your blog or announce on social media you've joined in with a link to this post it's greatly appreciated!

There's also a FB group for support during the challenge if you'd like to join :)

I love hearing from yall! So don't be shy...leave a comment!

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