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#AtoZChallenge--the USO

It's the A to Z Challenge!

We're blogging the alphabet along with 1000s of other bloggers.

There's a specific letter for each day and then you pick your own theme.

Our Theme: herder of cats, burner of soup
Basically...a day in the life of and all the things I love
Aaaaand today brings the letter U. And the USO.

I get asked often what I do at the USO.
So I thought I'd tell yall about some of the things today :)

While our USO does all kinds of things throughout the state I volunteer at our RDU center which is located at our international airport.

One of the main things we do is provide a lounge where Military members and their families can come to relax while traveling. We provide snacks and meals (free of charge), a play area for children, a computer room and a lounge area with television and loungers for those needing a break or spending the night. Our center is open 24/7. Even when weather is rough. I live close by so tend to be on call during storms.

Anyways. We're basically there to make them feel at home and help with anything that might pop up such as delayed or canceled flights. Or just to lend an ear.

Our center also provides support during homecomings and deployments. And has a special Honors Support Team made of volunteers that are on call to provide support for fallen service members and their families that are traveling through our airport.

We also host a fun Christmas party each year where families can come out to Holidays in the Hanger for a night out with presents, great food, games and Santa. It's a blast for the kids (and well the adults too lol).

Other centers around the state host other programs and events based on where they're located.
Ex--Baking birthday cakes for single service members or recording bedtime stories for children whose parents are deploying.

We're holding our 2nd Support the Troops Auction in June!
If you'd like to donate or find out more info check THIS POST!

Have you volunteered or used a USO center?
Do you volunteer anywhere? Would love to hear about it!

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