Sunday, April 19, 2015

#AtoZChallenge--Pet Peeves. Yeah. The things that Piss. Me. Off.

It's the A to Z Challenge!

We're blogging the alphabet along with 1000s of other bloggers.

There's a specific letter for each day and then you pick your own theme.

Our Theme: herder of cats, burner of soup
Basically...a day in the life of and all the things I love
*smiles sweetly*

P just could have gone SO many ways.
I mean. Yall know I have an obsession with pierced peckers.
And Pinterest.
And Pussy...the feline variety of course!
<dirty girls I know what you were thinking. mmhm>

But I peeves might be fun.
So my top 10 pet peeves in no particular order.

 In-fucking-possible passwords.
Seriously sometimes I have that "i'll cut a bitch" feeling
when trying to figure out some of them.

Being told "you can find info on our website instead of holding for help" when I'm having internet problems.
Hello! If I could get on the fucking internet I wouldn't NEED to go to the website.
How the hell am I supposed to go to the website if I have no internet?!!

When the bagger at the grocery store puts the delicate fresh veggies or fruits in with the frozen foods.

When people don't pull the backing off a window cling.
I know.
It's so damn stupid that this gets under my skin but holy freaking cow.

Or having one of the 'cause' ribbons on your car and tilting it sideways.
*closes eyes slowly*

Spam promo-ers in FB groups.

 When someone asks a question and they're told the correct answer and then people keep on replying with the same thing even though THEY ALREADY KNOW THE CORRECT ANSWER!!!
omg people!
 Being asked if I can eat animal crackers.
Yes, yes. The vegetarian jokes. They are hilarious.

OOoo don't make me smack you.

 When Twitter or FB decide to NOT send me a notification.
*shakes fist in their general direction*
 That people are STILL trying to pass off White "Chocolate" as chocolate.
The hell it is!

Getting dinner all ready. On the plate and pretty.
And a herd babe sneezing on it.

What's YOUR biggest pet peeve?

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