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The Wrong Billionaire's Bed (Billionaire Boys Club #3) by Jessica Clare

Audrey Petty's always been the responsible one. The good twin.  Successful, dependable, and trustworthy—that's Audrey. She'd be the perfect girlfriend for her childhood crush, billionaire Cade Archer...except that she's pretty sure she's not even on his radar. But when fate (and her chaotic twin) come together, Audrey finds out that she'll be spending the next month with Cade at his remote cabin retreat. It's a dream come true...

Until she meets her worst nightmare.

Billionaire playboy Reese Durham is used to seducing women to get what he wants. But when stiff, too-proper Audrey bursts into the private mountain lodge and scares his companion out the door, it's time for a little revenge. It's clear that Audrey's in love with his buddy, Cade... and it's clear to Reese that blackmailing Audrey with this information can get her to agree to just about anything. Like furtive kisses in the dark, or a secret rendezvous in the woods. Audrey may think she knows what she wants, but Reese is determined to show her what she needs.

And as Reese discovers the volatile minx behind the buttoned-up exterior, he starts to think maybe she's just what he needs, too.

Type: Contemporary
Heat: 3 out of 5
Rating: 4 out of 5

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Oh yes. The Wrong Billionaire's Bed...totally has me in a swoon! A little family drama, a fiery romance, delicious sex and captivating characters...yeah. It was a blast as Audrey finally decides to make a move on her childhood friend Cade--who is now a billionaire--and manages to land in the bed of his slutty best friend instead.

The quick of it is that Audrey's twin sister is into drugs and in a last ditch effort to save her they're spending a month at Cade's lake house to try and get her clean. And the stolen moments she was hoping to steal with Cade, well,  his blasted frustrating best friend, Reese, gets in the way and under her skin instead.

I loved the characters. Audrey's all prim and proper but fiery underneath it all. Chickie has a temper! And when she gets all worked up she's totally take charge in the bedroom which was pretty fun. She's always been the 'good twin' so it was nice seeing her bad girl side pulled out and let loose just a little. And Reese. Lordy. He's one of those guys that would seriously make you want to pinch him but at the same time he's so dang sexy and cheeky you can't help but like him.
"So," she breathed. "Tonight?"

His gaze was hot on her face. "Name the time and place."

"Midnight," she told him. "We'll meet at the dock and head out into the woods. Bring condoms."

"You bring the blanket," he told her. "I'll bring the wood."

She groaned. "That was a terrible joke."

"Yeah, I get corny after sex."
The two were flammable. They pushed each other's buttons and teased and taunted and--yay us!--it was crazy hot. There's bets and blackmail and dirty sex. And it was all just gloriously fun as the two got to know each other and bring out different sides to each other. He sure brought out her naughty side and she calmed down his slut-tastic ways.

There was a little bit of outside drama. Reese struggling with an issue with his corporation and keeping it afloat and then with everyone dealing with her sister going through withdrawl. There were some pretty harsh moments and some that were just...sad. I did think a little more focus would be on Audrey being their for her sister instead of romancing and sexing things up with stud-muffin Reese but things fell into place even if a little differently than I'd expected, It got me curious what will come about in the next book with her sister and Cade.

I really had a great time with near everything. My least favorite thing? Aaand I'm gonna go all ranty-anna right here. The cover. It's ridiculous. Has nothing that I can tell to do with the book and is one of those just random shiny things placed on a cover to make it look 50-esk and yall know I absolutely loathe that. *deep breath* Okay. I'm done with my rant. Back to the yay bits!

All in all...I had an absolute blast with The Wrong Billionaire's Bed. Sexy, funny, fiery and just plain fun. Audrey and Reese were a trip and I can't wait to meet the rest of the Billionaire Boys Club. There's no doubt I'll be going back to book one now.

Have you read Clare? What did you think?
Any good suggestions for reads where the heroine ends up with a different hero than expected?
Do you like reads that deal with some real life issues that aren't quite pretty?
What's your stance on covers like this? LOVE? Or GrrrrArg?

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