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Quote-tastic/Review-- incorrigible man! -- If the Earl Only Knew by Amanda Forester

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Woohoo! A new to me author and an amazing read. I had such a good time with this one and went a little quote-happy. #SorryNotSorry!

Okay so hero/heroine--who aren't a thing yet--are chasing after some bad guys and wind up in an inn for the night that only has one bed. Gave me a giggle...
Kate woke early, arms and legs entangled with the Earl of Wynbrook. She had apparently rolled over in the night and was now sprawled over him like a harlot. He breathed peacefully, still asleep. She needed to disentangle herself without him waking to find her all over him.

She tried to move slowly, lifting her head from his chest and her thigh from his--oh my goodness! She tried to ease away gently, but he moved slightly and brought his arm down over her, holding her fast.

"You are awake, aren't you?" she accused.

"Very, very much so." He opened one eye and grinned at her.

"You are incorrigible."

"I am not the one sprawled over you like--"

"Yes! Thank you. Enough of this nonsense. We need to be on the road."
 This one. I just really like the line of thought. It's so dang true! This is actually the hero's sister who lost her legs in an accident. I'm seriously hoping she'll have a book.

"How can I not have a pleasant attitude? My disposition is entirely something of my own creation."
 Heh. I just laughed at her follow up.
"Before you proceed, could you tell me how his desire to see you married is different from your desire to see him enter wedded bliss?"

Kate ground her teeth. "It is entirely different."

"How so exactly?"

"It just is." She turned to walk away, stopped, and stomped back. "You are the most insufferable man I've ever met." She took a deep calming breath, trying to get her emotions under better regulation. "I just thought you should know."

"Duly noted."
 Oh a second one from their time at the inn I believe it was and getting ready for bed...
"How much clothing is required to meet your approval?" asked John.

She opened her eyes. He stood before her in nothing but a pair of fresh buckskins so skintight they left very little to the imagination. He was utterly, completely, ravishingly naked from the waist up, revealing a perfectly chiseled muscular chest.

She sucked in air, trying to breathe before the image of the perfect man.

"Hullo, I do believe you're peeking."

"It is your fault if I am!" she cried, standing up to defend herself.

"If?" He grinned at her.

"Entirely your fault!"

"Really? Enlighten me as to my crimes."

"You entrap me to come into the study,  luring me with the prospect of correcting math errors."

"Guilty as charged, I fear." He appeared smug, not contrite.

"Then me! Properly!"

"Inexcusable." The smug, overconfident grin faded a bit, and he added with a touch of anxiety, "You did not give an opinion of which kiss was better. Was last night much improved?"

"Would I be peeking at your bare arse if it wasn't?"

John burst out laughing. Kate stared at him, too shocked by what she had just said to make further comment.

"Oh, Kate," he finally said when he could speak. "I do adore you."

If the Earl Only Knew (Daring Marriages #1)

That was so much fun! Sharp witty banter, a little adventure and danger, a sexy hero and a fierce heroine...gah, yes! If the Earl Only Knew was everything I love about historical romance.

The quick of it is that Lady Katherine and her brother have come to town to meet up with their investors. It should be a simple thing but then their rooms are broken into and then their ship...something is definitely up and they decide to move in with one of her brother's friends...the Earl of Wynbrook while they finish up business and try to figure out what's going on. Fantastic solution other than the fact that there's a crazy attraction and, well, some bad blood between them, too. Mmhm.

I loved these two. Loved. Them. Katherine's was just fabulous and all improper and and lacking when it came to social niceties. She's rather avoid most people if she could--girl I do not blame you! lol She was sassy and surprising and skirted the line of what was socially acceptable which was pretty fun. Oh and she loves numbers with a passion! Give the girl a ledger to balance and she's in heaven! lol I loved that she wasn't the typical historical heroine. And John. Well he was a putz in his younger years but now that he's all grown up...rawr!! Seriously. I would lick that! He's sexy and I just loved his humor and demeanor and, well, that he liked Katherine for herself and all her eccentricities.

The heat was mostly of the sexual tension variety. When things did finally happen it was very nice but not overly detailed and very sparse in occurrence. Their chemistry, though, so made up for lack of steamy bits. And these two had chemistry that absolutely crackled. 

One of the big things in the story is the mystery surrounding the break ins and attempted robberies surrounding Katherine and her brother. There are some near misses and some make-your-palms-sweat moments as they try to figure it all out. It kept things moving at a fast clip and made for a nice backdrop to their romance. I won't even lie, though, I kinda want more from one of the villains. I think a book about him would be something! *fingers crossed*

All in all, Forester knows what she's doing and she does it incredibly well. If the Earl Only Knew was both enchanting and delightfully refreshing. Now to check out her lengthy backlist!

Orphaned at a young age, Lady Katherine Ashton and her brother have spent most of their lives on the high seas, seeking to restore their family fortune through somewhat dubious means. After that kind of adventure, Kate knows she won't ever be accepted as a proper society lady.

To the annoyingly clever, temptingly handsome, and altogether troublesome Earl of Wynbrook, society ladies are a dead bore. Kate, on the other hand, is scandalous, alluring, and altogether fascinating. And Kate can't decide which she relishes more, the thrill of chasing fearsome pirates, or having Wynbrook chase after her...

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