Saturday, July 9, 2016

Thoughts from a Reader Girl: OMG the pages will just NOT read themselves!

It's one of those weeks. Last week I was a reading machine! I couldn't get through books fast enough and managed to tuck in 6 books. Woo! Go me! Seriously. It was amazing!

This week.

Blogger-reader-girl hell.

The pages just will NOT read themselves.

At all.

It's Thursday evening while I'm writing this. I haven't finished a single book. I've only gotten like 90 pages read this week. That's it!

Ahhh, people! Ahhh!

And it's not that I don't like the books I'm reading (2 of them at the moment).

They're both actually really good. One a new to me author but a fun storyline and the other an old favorite with a new release I've been dying for.

I just cannot get myself to sit still.

And it's driving me absolutely bat shit fucking crazy.

I want to read them.

I really need to get them read for the blog so I don't get behind. But is it happening? Nope!

There is so much nope happening in my reading right now and it's causing some serious #sadface

I get about 5 pages read then get antsy and I'm up doing something else.

*grits teeth*

It'd be one thing if the books just weren't working for me story/writing-wise. At least I'd know what was up and could just move on to the next book in the pile until one caught me.

But I'm caught, people! I'm caught! I just can't sit still long enough to make it happen.

*hangs head*

Anyone else having this happen right now?

Oh. And this will be a new feature. Some things just aren't fitting in the Randomly Random (silly stuff) or Word from the Herd (since those are more #RantyAnna moments) so I figured a feature for just random book-ish discussions :D

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