Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Monthly Herd-- June-- Just motoring along...

Aaaaand June is a couple days. lol June was a busy one I guess. I managed to have another bout with a cold. Lord but I am a BAD patient. Thankfully blog posts were scheduled but got behind on commenting once again. Yeah. I suck yall. lol Sorry. 

Blog-wise there were lots of books and some other random fun. I'm trying really hard to manage my review pile and making a good dent in it. Yay! But that's about it. Oh and the Facebook Group is still going for the blog. Would love to have ya join us (readers and authors welcome!)

On the home front. Lots of "spring" cleaning is still happening. More time at the USO and ASL classes (american sign language for yall that aren't in the US). Again nothing major. Just plugging away. Oh! Well I am trying my hand at the whole adulting thing and put together an emergency/first aid pack! I'm feeling pretty dang pleased about that. It's got first aid supplies but then things like high cal snack bar/emergency blankets/tent, etc in case I ever get stuck anywhere (heaven forbid because yall know me and nature lol)

Erm. Not sure anything really exciting. Just regular ol' blog stuff. 

Total Reviews: 16
New to Me Authors: 3
Favorite Read: To Love a Wolf (I think)
Towards Challenges: 15

Interview w/ Amy Briggs
Interview w/ Ava Branson
Interview w/ Avery Flynn
Interview w/ Amanda Mariel


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