Friday, July 29, 2016

Randomly Random: Unruly Body Parts

So I was laying in bed (yeah, the start of so many randomly randoms lol) and found myself untucking my earlobes for like the millionth time because my blasted unruly earlobes kind of tilt forward and when I lay down they like to tuck themselves and it drives me absolutely bonkers.
I'm seriously all... Get your shit together, earlobes! Get your shit together!

Anyways. So I'm laying there in the middle of the night feeling growly over earlobes. And it got me thinking about unruly body parts in general...
I just. 

I would NOT do well with a cock.

Okay. So, yeah, they're fun to look at and whatnot. But really.

Twitching and flopping about where ever and whenever they want?

I mean.

Nope. I just. Nope!

Okay. So I'd totally be like this for like 10 minutes...

But then I'd be like OMG enough already!!! What are you doing now?! For crying out loud!

Yeah. Earlobes and cocks. That's all I got for today. lol
Carry on. 

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