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Interview w/ Kira A Gold-- Dirty Quotes & Man Candy Galore!

Hey Guys! We've got Kira A Gold joining us today! Yall give her a big welcome and hit those comments!

Kira! Welcome to herding cats! 
Hi! Thank you! I love your blog name--I have three high maintenance feline beasties of my own. 
Aw that's a nice sized kitteh-herd! I bet they're helpful like the ones here. lol Can you tell us 3 fun/sexy/quirky/neat behind the scenes facts about The Dirty Secret?

  • I wrote the first draft of The Dirty Secret by hand. I’m lousy on a keyboard—typing slows me down—so I write longhand during the initial creative process. 
  • Killian’s filthy mouth happened when I was sitting in a coffee shop in Kentucky. This guy behind me with a melting drawl—smooth as bourbon and deep as Appalachian hills—was flirting with a girl on the phone. I didn’t even turn around to see what he looked like, I just started writing. 
  • Tony, the pot-head gardener who makes friends with Vessa, came out of a conversation with a friend, who, when I explained the Bechdel Test, complained bitterly that stoners were also under-represented, especially in romance novels. (He now happily lives in Colorado.)
Oh I was *just* talking to someone about writing a book by hand vs computer! Oh dang. I was thinking Ooo she got herself a yummy one while writing! Dang he was flirting with a girl on the phone. lol Favorite Quotes? Gimme something steamy! 

Here’s a hot bit from Chapter Six:
He chuckled, deep in his throat, and spread his hands across her belly, no coy pretenses of where he was going. She didn’t stop him. The zipper to her jeans did not open slowly, and his impatience took her breath. He stroked the scrap of lace hidden between her legs.
“Did you wear these for me?” he whispered in her ear. “Please tell me you wore these for me to find.” And then his hands slid deeper, to the swollen flesh. “Fuck, Vessa, you’re wet.”

His fingers curled over the material, stroking her. Her hips flexed with the same slow rhythm he set with his touch.

“How long has it been for you?” he asked, and she didn’t answer, wouldn’t answer, her body already confessing her desperation. “Don’t you touch yourself when you need to? Take care of yourself?”

She writhed against his hand. “Yes.”

“Have you thought of me?”
That'll do it! Alright so we know all that goodness. But...say you had only like 10 seconds to cause the grabby hands. What would you say about The Dirty Secret?
She’s a sexy designer with a secret. He’s an architect with a filthy mouth. Contains bare walls, nude skin and naked hearts.
Yum! What was your inspiration for each of the characters?
Joseph Gordon-Levitt has that awkward artsy-smart quality that I imagine Killian to have. So does Jon Foo.

Emily Browning and Selena Gomez both have Vessa’s heavy eyeshadow and naked mouth (and purple hair!) look in these two photos: 

but my development editor likes Lauren Mayberry for Vess, and I could see that, too: 

What would they say each other's BEST quality was? 
Killian is blown away by Vessa’s ability to “get him”—to understand the atmosphere of a room he has designed, and to read his own mood—and she has a terrific ass.
Vessa loves how he doesn’t pressure her for more than she is willing to give—she’s a very private person—but the scandalous things he says between kisses make her totally insane.
They sound great, Kira! Alright so some quickies...

Favorite Man Candy?
I’m crushing pretty hard on the SkarsgĂ„rd boys right now. Everyone loves Alexander:

Bill is all kinds of sulky-boy cute:
Gustaf’s Floki on Vikings is so charismatic and wild:
And Skellan is my favorite character actor, ever: 
(Who is your Man-of-the-Moment?)
I love the variety! Hmmm my favorite man-o-the-moment? This guy. He's got a cat and they're adorable together!

Yard gnomes or flamingos?
I might have posed in a compromising position with a stolen gnome for ransom photographs once.
Bwahaha. That's awesome! Weirdest thing in your purse right now?
A micro-tin of Tiger Balm. Great stuff.
Best "burning soup" moment? aka kitchen disaster.

I burnt both arms pulling my first ever Thanksgiving turkey out of the oven. Y’know that orange coiling thing in the stove? Yeah, be careful of that, it bites.
Holy cow. Yeah that's a fear of mine. What is your favorite naughty word?

Fuck! (What’s yours?)
Me too! Bet you said that a few times with that burning soup moment. Yikes! What's up next for you?

I’m finishing up book 2 of the Donna Edith’s Agency series—Bengt’s story. Much of it is set in Stockholm, and I can’t wait to share my favorite places in the city with folks.
Oh very neat! Good luck with the last bits! Thanks so much for dropping in, Kira!
Thank you for having me!

From the Desk of Donna Edith...
My services are unconventional. My clients come to me with needs and I match them to other clients with needs of their own...

Promising young architect Killian Fitzroy: Driven, clever, eager to prove himself. Starved for sex, though he's come to me for professional assistance, not personal. Needs: Someone unique, creative and fast. An artist with a feminine perspective to breathe life into a house he's built.
Aspiring scenic designer Vessa Ratham: Sensuous, spontaneous, but secretive. Recently returned to Vermont armed with an art degree that qualifies her for little more than waiting tables. Needs: An opportunity to shine.

Yes, Killian and Vessa will satisfy each other nicely--in more ways than one.


Kira A. Gold is a theatrical costume designer and textile artist living in Kentucky. She writes strange things after midnight and collects rabbit marionettes.

Find Kira Online!

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