Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Insta-Wednesday: All the Pretties. And the Noms.

Because I love Instagram and sharing what we've been up to the last couple weeks...

Yeah. It's been a while. Here's what we've been doing...

Went downstairs and Mattie was all nothing to see here lady. Nothing to see here.
10 minutes later there was a huge crash.
The herd helping me downsize. lol


The only time there's no fighting. lol Everyone is all oh hi how are you? Nom nom nom.

If you're needy and you know it... Your name might just be #BabyG.

I just love this cover. The Bachelor Contract was good, too. Kept me up into the wee hours. And made me cry. Dammit! lol but a good second chance romance with interesting characters. The heroine was legally blind which seeing my recent eye issues definitely had me feeling for her.

Food noms. Food noms were had. Decided I needed some kitchen therapy so raised the pantry and fridge and whipped up a dish. Pasta with cannelloni beans, broccoli, kale and garlic. So good!

BabyG: Human. Why are you wondering about 'hell freezing over'? 

Me: You're touching KellyCat, right? You're snuggling.

BabyG: I'm a nice girl.

Me: *silence*

BabyG: *glares* 
BabyG: are you saying I'm ornery?! I'm not an ornery girl. I'm a nice cat. Im all friendly and 'do you wanna snuggle' to them. 

Me: *silence*

BabyG: *huffy sigh* you don't know me.

About to finish up The Christmas Room. I just love that cover. It's my first from Anderson and pretty darn good. Very PG, though. I'm gonna need a really filthy read next. lol

Laptop decorating! I'm ready for Christmas, y'all.

Found my first #geocache and yes I had to touch nature. There were some uncertain moments. lol

Pretty much the most important things in my life right now. BabyG and the new electrical blanket because we're southern girls and 27 degrees is just not okay. lol #HomeboundUntilItThaws

Sometimes a cold rainy night calls for a treat. Yum! Even better when it pays you. Made a buck on em with couponing.

And I'm all why, Human? Why? Why would you make me live where the air hurts my whiskers? Imma #SouthernCat why you doing this to me? Why? I'll accept this electric blanket as an apology but... why, Human? Why?

My nervous boy. I just wanna book that nose. #catstagram #blackcat #feralcat #workinprogress #gettingfriendly


I got a lovely early Christmas package from St Martin's. What a fun thing to come home to last night. Loving both these covers. 😍📚🎄

And sometimes mornings need a little assistance. Oreo hot chocolate with a pre-Christmas flair.

I'm ready for 2018.
Almost every post is done now, too!

When you have early morning helpers. #NeverAlone

Human. I've already finished this page. You need to read faster.

Food, cats, and a hot read. Happy things.

Made roasted sweet potatoes, onion and brussels sprouts. Plus a protein bowl. Yum.  A good book, too. 

Lunch was pretty amazing. Linguine with pesto cream sauce and asparagus. Noms!

She's having a hard day. The boys invaded her room and one of them tried to head butt and snuggle her and she was like nope! So much nope!

So. Yeah. This happened. A review done and scheduled for... April. Eee! 14 January posts done, too. Take that, 2018! lol
#BloggingLikeABoss #Handdrawn

Why were you up until 6am?

Oh, you know. Coloring cocks.

Sometimes you just have to accept the fact your productivity for the day is done for.


h my gosh. The noms. I don't think I can move. lol Total cost... $10.94 (yay couponing!) for about 6-8 meals worth.

Made a pasta bake, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomato and cucumber salad, biscuits, green bean casserole and some pecan pie. (The cucumber is an old pic because I forgot to take one of today's lol)

It was so good. Herd babes approved, too

And then some pre-thanksgiving mac & cheese.

Planted up the new self watering planters. Winter arrangement so it won't last forever but it's nice to have a tiny bit of color.

Eggplant "Bacon"
It was pretty dang good!

Went out and had a little walk at the lake. Found my second #geocache. A little bigger than the last but only a crayon in it. Left a flower :)


Tazo tea and La Brea cranberry walnut bread from Harris Teeter. Making it possible to deal with 29° and 530am. lol

Butternut squash black bean chili. Oh. My. Noms. Delicious! Was a little nervous since I made it up as I went. I'm trying to cook more these days without an actual recipe.

Human I know you are thankful for me. The ear rub is all nice and good...but where's my 'you're thankful for me' noms?

What happens when you accidentally go to bed at 8pm? You start your Sunday at 430am. lol But gave me time to get ready for the week. Got my planning for the next 2 weeks done and had a little hot chocolate. Read a bit and did some blogging and got cornbread in the oven. 

Damn you trees! I love the fall leaves but seriously. SERIOUSLY.
Stop shedding on me!

Time to work, Human.

Yeah. So I have a post completed for October 7th, 2018.

BabyG's nemesis. #AddiCat

You know your mama loves you when she really needs to do things but stays put just a little longer because you need your beauty sleeps.

Our grocery store had a couponing sale.

$708.53 down to $102.31!!

232 items or .44 per item
A couple things didn't have coupons. 
Or had coupons that didn't double. 

85 free items (26 of which made money after rebate)
43 items to donate
(The right 1/3rd of the pic)

I was able to get a bunch of vegan/vegetarian items, dairy, cleaning supplies, some toilitries, free nutella! woo!, lots of tea to get me through the winter months and pantry staples.

If you do a photo post on your blog, FB, etc feel free to link yourself in :)

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