Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Monthly Herd-- Aaaaaaand We're Done With 2017!

Holy crap. 2017 is over in less than 24 hours! I still can't believe that's possible. It was an eventful year but just doesn't seem possible *that* many days have passed already. lol 

So. Things...

Around the House
  • I got motivated! This month I got a ton done around the house. Finished my laundry closet shelves, worked outside, organized, tossed things out. It was great. Hoping to do more in 2018!
  • The herd is doing good. A couple of my babes are hitting their super senior years and are a bit delicate but doing okay otherwise. Whew!

Around the Blog
  • The blog turns 6 tomorrow. Yikes!
  • I have my blogging mojo back. I've done an insane amount of blogging ahead this month and am heading into 2018 with 42 posts completed. Jan is done other than posts that are time sensitive. It's a HUGE relief. 
  • Got my NG to 97% and only 10 books left! 
  • Mostly I'm excited that I get to move into my 2018 planner today. Yay!
  • Oh and the planner hop winner was Barb! 
  • I read 154 books this year! About 50-100 less than usual due to the whole eye thing but still!

Sooo how'd I do on my yearly goals? Pretty good!

I embraced "Less Is More" as my yearly motto and followed through. Got rid of a lot of physical stuff, streamlined a lot of online stuff, unliked and unfriended and unfollowed those that weren't active in my life or a positive part of it. And it felt pretty good. I still have a lot of work to do around the house but am happy with how things went this year.

And I got my NG up to 97%, knocked off a lot of reviews that were past due, met my Goodreads goal and completed my challenges.  I didn't manage my steps for the year, though. Ah well. lol

I'm hosting challenges! Images link to the info/sign up posts.


Total Reviews: 15
New to Me Authors: 1
Favorite Read: Christmastime Cowboy
Towards Challenges: 15



And ready for 2018!

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