Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Best Books of 2017!

Top Ten (or so): Favorite Books of 2017

Reading was a challenge this year but still managed a good sized pile of books. And had a few really good ones that stuck with me. 4 of which were new-to-me authors. Woo! These were my favorites of the year. I think Tougher in Texas was my absolute favorite. The hero has Aspergers and he was just amazing. Incredibly well done rodeo romance, too.


Sweet as Sin-- This was my favorite author find of 2017. Totally blew me away.

Healing a Heart-- This was a hard read. And it completely impacted my real life mood without me realizing. It was crazy impressive how the heroine's emotions rubbed off on me.

Pipe Dreams-- I LOVE her hockey players.


Kidnapped Cowboy-- Hilarious and sweet. I listened to this one twice and loved it both times. 

By the Hour-- A sex therapist and a male sex surrogate. Fascinating. And incredibly hot!

Down Home Cowboy-- I'm always amazed by her characters. Beautifully broken.


Tougher in Texas-- My favorite read. The rodeo is done amazingly well and the hero has Aspergers. He's so damn sexy and interesting.

Wrecked-- I couldn't put this one down. It had some bust out loud laughing scenes and some that had me sobbing. 

Ride It Out-- I love when a hero is the romantic one. It was an interesting biracial couple in a small town. Plus a little suspense.


Falling for Tender Heart--light, sweet, funny. Loved it. The heroine is hunting a lost manuscript from her favorite author who died years earlier.

Dark Redemption-- This one was insane. Witches and spirits and voodoo and serial killers. 

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