Friday, December 1, 2017


Lauren messaged me a little while back and was like hey! I'm doing a planner hop...wanna co-host? And yall know I love me some planners so I joined in to share the planner squee-s.

We're sharing our favorite thing about planning and a giftie, too!

So, yall know I'm all about my planner. I do a Bujo set up where I draw my own designs but there are SO many planner options out there. I love bujo, though because it keeps me organized AND lets me get a little creative. I'd missed my artsy side and it's given that back to me even if it's just a little each week :)

Here's some of my favorites I've done. They're actually easier than they look and took me 20-40 minutes each. I do them while watching TV so it really doesn't take time out of my schedule.

It's great. You can make them as complex or simple as you want. And change it up every week. So much fun.


I'm giving away...some Frixion Pens.
I love them. They're what I use to write in my planner because....

they're... ERASABLE!!

Best. Things. Ever. lol

To enter:

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(giveaways will be going up the next few days so check back if they aren't there yet)

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