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3.5 stars-- The Bachelor Contract (The Bachelors of Arizona #3) by Rachel Van Dyken #QuoteTastic

I've been enjoying Van Dyken's series. They're easy reads with a fun set up. And oh so special characters. lol

Soooo a quote for today.

This scene had me laughing. #DontTouchTheOcean

"I am never getting in the ocean again."

"You're still obsessed with shark attacks?" Brant groaned, "Nik how many times do I have to tell you-- shark attacks are really rare."

Her face broke out into a breathtaking smile as she tossed the remote on the bed and hugged her knees, resting her cheek against them "See, it was a good thing we never had a honeymoon, because knowing you we'd end up somewhere tropical, and I'd be the person in that one percent."

"It's higher than that."

She paled. "See!" Throwing up her hands, she leaned against the headboard. "Never happening. You know a fun place to visit? The Arctic."

"Oh, so you'd rather get mauled by a polar bear?"

Her frown was adorable. "Brant, they're bears."

"Are you serious right now? Bears are insanely dangerous!"

"But polar bears are white and cuddly!"

"Right! And almost always covered in blood! There are a shit-ton of polar bear attacks every year. I promise you."

"Why are you ruining polar bears for me?" she moaned. "Thanks, dream killer. You gonna tell me that hippos aren't friendly, too?"

"Aw babe."

"Brant! They're always smiling!"

"They are literally the second most violent animal on the planet. Believe me, you don't want to be near a hippo."

"Even though their ears move and okay I'm going to stop talking now because you're quiet and it's a mocking quiet. Stupid Animal Planet channel!"

"Turtles," he blurted, pulling off his shirt and sliding his pats down to the floor, kicking his shoes off then joining her in bed. "They're friendly."

She was quiet for a bit and then let out a loud sigh. "Okay, I can like turtles."

"I feel like I just ruined all animals for you in one single conversation"

"You did."

"Come here," He chuckled and tugged her against his near-naked body.

How cute is this cover? I'm enjoying this series from Van Dyken as three damaged brothers are totally, and by no means forcibly, given the choice to pull their shit together and clean up their lives. And maybe wind up finding love along the way. 
The Gist: Manipulation. Older people are crafty and Brant and Nikki? Yeah, they've found themselves front and center in a scheme hatched by his granddad and her boss to get them back together. If they can just grin and bear it while he inspects her resort...they can go their separate ways. Elderly scheming be damned. 
I liked Brant and Nikki and really felt for their situation. They'd been married, suffered a terrible trauma and didn't make it through as a couple. You could feel the pain and hurt between them and it made them lashing out once they were forced back into each others lives pretty understandable.

They were interesting characters. Stubborn and fiery. And Nikki a little different in that she's legally blind. Made for some unique scenes and situations.

And, yall, they made me cry. There were a couple scenes that totally knocked me down and I had to step away for a little bit to be able to read the pages again. It was balanced out nicely, though, with some damn hilarious scenes.

My only issue was with some of the transitions. They'd be so angry and then it was like a switch was flipped and they'd be flirty and light. It felt a little disjointed.

All in all, The Bachelor Contract was a sweet second chance. An easy read with solid characters I just wanted to see figure things out. 

Brant Wellington could have spent the rest of his life living under the magical spell of alcohol, women, and forgetting his problems. That is, until a certain bachelor auction forces him back onto the family payroll and off to assess one of the Wellington resorts. Only no one warned him that his past would be there waiting for him...

Nikki was once Brant's entire world, but when the unthinkable happened, that world was shattered-- along with any hope for the future. Yet once Brant sets eyes on Nikki again, he knows he needs to let go of the past so he can be the man she needs, the man he wants to be. Now all he has to do is convince Nikki that love is better the second time around.

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