Sunday, December 24, 2017

4 stars-- His Redneck Girl (Possum Hollow Series Book 1) by Lindsey Brookes

Oh my gosh. His Redneck Girl was an absolute trip!
The Gist: Baylee Jean's tired of waiting. Jimmie Joe may have broken her heart years earlier and he may be a horn dog of epic proportions but she wants him back. Her plan? A dog training book. Mmhm. She's gonna bring that sexy horn dog to heel.

Yall, really. This book. It was hilarious. And so not gonna be for everyone. It's over the top shameless redneck outrageousness.

Jimmie Joe? Yeah, he's a manwhore. He's not a bad guy he's just cock-led and, well, he's okay with that. Everyone always told him he'd be a horndog when he grew up so why not embrace it, ya know? It's really amazing his willy didn't fall right off from all the diddling he'd done over the years.
“Look, there ain’t nothin’ wrong with a good diddlin’,” Skeeter said.  “But you’re outta control.  It’s like your dick’s rollin’ down a real steep hill and ain’t nothin’ you can do to stop it.” Levi snorted.
And Baylee Jean, well, once she decides what she wants she's gonna go after it. That cock was hers first and she wants it back.

They were a fun time as she cock-blocked him and tried to get him back and he resisted hard as all get out because her auntie threatened to put his balls in a glass jar on her shelf and she's a witch so...yeah. He's not taking that risk.

All in all, an outrageous time was had. His Redneck Girl was silly, ridiculous, over the top, crass and a down right good time. 

Jimmie Joe Johnson has spent years living up to his hound dog reputation. If he can’t have the one female he truly wants, then any female will do. When he isn’t off diddlin’ some female, he’s practicing for pool playoffs, determined to get his pool team to Vegas. Not only for bragging rights, but for the free trip to ‘Sin City’ and cash prize that comes along with it.

Baylee Jean Brown has never gotten over her first and only love, Jimmie Joe Johnson. So when she discovers the truth about why he really ended things with her all those years before, she sets out to get her man back. And no other thigh-parting female is going to stand in her way. She just has to find a way to make him take notice of her, considering he’d been avoiding her since that day her spell-threatening aunt (yes, she does come from a long line of witches), threatened to place his man-parts in a jar on her windowsill.

Avoiding Baylee Jean Brown in a town the size of Possum Hollow is hard enough, but all of the sudden she’s dressing sexy and aiming all that female heat in his direction. He tries to convince her that she’s better off without him, but how can he expect her to listen to reason when his own heart and body refuse to? Now his man-parts are in a whole different kind of danger. Not because her aunt might still carry through with her threat to pickle them, but because he knows no other woman will ever do.

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