Friday, December 22, 2017

3 stars-- Hope Under Mistletoe (Seasons of Hope #1) by Jessica R. Patch

A Christmas story featuring a widowed pastor's wife falling for the town's bartender and resident 'bad boy'? I was in.
The Gist: After her church burned down Eden and her congregation were in need of a new meeting place. Something that comes from the unlikeliest of places--- her husband's best friend and owner of a bar with a perfect space. He may just be the answer to her prayers-- both spoken and unspoken. At the very least her church? Well, it's gonna be meeting at a bar for a little while. 
Eden and Knox were nice characters. She's generous, caring, has a strong spirit. He's accepting, dependable and has an inner goodness. I did find Eden a bit on the sugary do gooder side and thought it was rather laughable that Knox was deemed a "bad boy" because he had sex with consenting women and owned a rather tame bar, though. lol

I liked them together and that he was good with her young son. There were some sweet moments and some sad as they both dealt with their grief and moving on. It's a slow burn and kept rather pg.

Overall, Hope Under Mistletoe was a nice Christmas romance full of forgiveness and finding peace. It lays on the inspirational elements quite heavily, though, and I did find myself rolling my eyes a bit at that. Oh no! Someone might have a drink! Pfft At my church they'd pull up a seat next to you and have a pint, too. I enjoyed it but I don't think this is the series for me. It really could have used a bit of humor and it wouldn't have hurt to tone down the 'praise Jesus' elements a notch or two.

[lol at everyone taking this as preachy. I didn't use that word intentionally because I didn't find it preachy exactly. They didn't shame the bar goers or try to lecture them or anything. It was more they were worried about themselves giving the wrong impression if seen doing this or that, etc.]
After widower Eden Snow’s church almost burns to the ground, she’s compelled to find a temporary place to hold services and Christmas cantata practices.

Has-been hockey player, Knox Everhart, has a reputation for being fast on the ice and with women. Except Eden. She’s always been a fascinating mystery to him, which is why he agrees to let her use the back room of his bar—with one rule: No converting his customers.

But when Eden brings the church to the bar, it offers something the bottle can’t. Hope. And he finds himself falling in love with a woman and a Savior he feels unworthy to pursue.
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