Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas, yall! I hope you're all having a wonderful day whether you're having a low key Christmas or going full force with...all the things. lol

I'm taking the day off to spend with the herd (I have to put together their new scratching post for them) and then going out to Christmas brunch with Ro from In the Know with Ro. We always have a great time gabbing books and blogging and just visiting. Then I'll be rounding out the day at the USO with my regular guys and our gal that's joined us the last few months. It's the first time our regular shift has been scheduled for Christmas so will be fun seeing them.

So a super easy don't have to cook a thing Christmas (unlike my poor mom in FL who is already ready for a nap). lol 

Anywho. So pictures because I can...

One of my favorite things is my downtown at Christmas. I stopped on the way home tonight to snap some pictures then bundled up and went back out to look at the lights.

This past year they ripped down some old buildings and put in a new park with games, tables and a pretty fountain. They put up a HUGE Christmas tree on the platform, too. It doesn't look big from this pic but its massive. lol

I stayed out for a while and watched the color show then walked up and down the street looking at trees. Every year they let clubs decorate trees to show off. There were a couple dozen of them in all different designs. I rather liked this one.


This meme always cracks me up. lol

And no post would be complete without BabyG. She met Santa last year. She was all 'do I hafta be nice all the time to get the treats?'

Hope yall are having a great Christmas! 

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