Monday, April 30, 2018

A to Z Photos

I participated in the A to Z challenge this year but did weekly posts instead of daily. Here's my recap! 

A! Adorable, annoyed, Americus.

Blissful BabyG at Bedtime. *nose boop*

Cats captivated by cowboys. G LOVES her some Cowboys.

Delicious dessert (it's a peach dump cake)

Enormous loaves of bread. I was given this loaf of bread. Yall. It was enormous. But tasty.

Food Pantry. Paying it Forward!
(I started volunteering once a week at our food pantry and also coupon for donations)

Grilled Cheese all Grown Up... cinnamon swirl bread, cheddar cheese and apple.

Helpful Herd Babes.

Ignoring me? Human... I don't think so.

Just Chillin' w/ a side of Joy (that's her middle name lol)

Kingsford and Ketchup. Ketchup, yall, is my favorite food. Ever. lol But I found Applewood BBQ sauce from Kingsford and omg it's amazing. I'll actually have a sandwich with it instead of Ketchup. Unheard of. lol

Love. Snuggles with my best girl. Her nose is a heart 💗💗

Mouse babies! Mini and magnificent!

Nightly view. This girl loves her snuggles. We end most of our days like this while reading a book.

Ooops! We had 2 degree temps here earlier this year and my town, well, they forgot to turn off the new water features. lol Cool photo op, though!

Planner Perfection even when there's a blunder. lol  #FebruarySoRude

Quoted! It's always so fun to open a new read and see your blog quoted.

Reading with my best girl. G loves her books. #MyCatReadsSmut

Sassy Lettering


Thief! My girls are food hounds. They LOVE to eat and will not be denied their noms.


USO! My crew I volunteer with twice a month. I kind of adore them.

Vegan Meatloaf! It was really good, yall.

Wonderfully Whimsical Washi Tape! Every few months I do a washi tape wrap n my laptop. I love the little bit of extra cheer.

XSmall Kitten. BabyG on day one. She was a bottle kitten.

You've Got To Be Kidding Me, Human.

Zonked out.

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