Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Insta-Wednesday: The HerdPup

Because I love Instagram and fun pictures. The Herd's week ala Instagram :)

Lots of the HerdPup. For yall that don't follow on Facebook. Margarite is our senior pup and she's having a struggle with mouth cancer right now. Life has pretty much revolved around her for the last week or so with trying to find things she'll eat, vet visits, meds and just spending time loving on her.

Prayers for the HerdPup, please! 
Shes seeing a specialist today to see if they can do anything to slow progression. 
Shes a spot nervous being here.

(update: it was a hard visit and took her 2 days to recover :( we decided to do hospice care instead of any treatments. She's 15 and it's just too hard on her being put under so often for surgery/radiation. She'd have to go under 7 times in 4 weeks and I don't think she'd survive it. So we're keeping her comfortable at home instead.)

HerdPup had to go in for a bath today. 
She's been primped and fluffed and is less than enamored with her mama right now. lol

Yall she studiously ignored me for an entire day. She was SO upset with me. She's such a funny one.

Breakfast of champ, er, um, kitties!

The love of a mommy. Standing outside in the cold and deboning multiple chickens for the herdpup because its all she'll eat. Gag. So gross!

(update--she promptly refused to eat it because of the turkey. She KNEW there was a turkey leg in there and apparently they're extremely offensive. She's a diva lol)

Nap time.

BabyG is working hard on the blog! 

Some freebies to try out from Kroger (snickers and sunny d) 
plus one from getting the BettyCrocker newsletter!
#freebies #gotitfree #inmycart #tryingnewthings

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