Monday, February 8, 2016

Share the Love Giveaway Hop! (Feb 8-15)

It’s time for our annual Share the Love giveaway hop! This hop is a little different and all about sharing our favorite bloggers and authors with you! There’s a giveaway at every blog so visit them all and find out who all we just adore...

Woohoo! I just love this hop and getting to share some of my favorite ladies.

This year I decided to feature 5 of the bloggers who are super supportive and social. I have a ton more bloggers I wish I could share but with the hop we're supposed to limit it to 5 so I ran out of spots. *flails* lol 

Alright so who did I pick?!!

Sophia from Delighted Reader. Sophia is such a fun reader-girl and reads an amazing variety of reads. She has a fondness for Jane Austen too which is fun since she's always grabbing adaptations of them. It's amazing what's out there. We love a lot of the same authors which is fun. Hrms what else. Oh she kicked off her writing career recently which is pretty dang awesome. 

Mary from Dark Thoughts

Mary is an awesome pet mom and blogs about all kinds of products, the occasional book, the cuteness that is her herd pup and her previous babies which were the most darling little ratties. She's also an amazing source for finding freebies, sites that offer rewards programs and ways to earn money online. Oh and food. She does some yummy food posts. It's good stuff. *nods* 

Blodeuedd from Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell

One of the international ladies I follow. Woohoo! 
She takes lovely photos during her walks and posts them every week. Love it. Fun reviews too!
She's very tell it like it is which is entertaining :)

Ali from My Guilty Obsession

Now. Ali and I don't read a ton of books in common but I enjoy visiting her blog quite a bit.
She's very sweet and her enjoyment of what she reads is contagious.
She does a lot of YA which I don't read too often but do grab now and again. So it's fun to see what she thinks and build up my list for when I'm ready to snag one :)

Melissa from Lily Element

Melissa is a hoot. We love some of the same authors and she adores BabyG which makes her one of our favoritest people. lol 
She's been tempting me with urban fantasy and paranormal which used to be my bread and butter but I kind of burned out on pre-blog. So I live vicariously through her quiet often and let her keep me up to date on all the ones coming out. I've started getting into them again which has been great.

okay and one more that's a somewhat new to me blog but that I'm enjoying immensely. 

Brandee from over at Bookworm Brandee

Aaaaaand seriously I wish I could add like 20 more blogs I adore. I'm so going to have to do a "you need to visit these blogs" post in the near future to spotlight everyone I visit because if I visit em I love em :) Oh yea. I totally see a Randomly Random & Easily Distracted post coming up.

We're giving away a $5 Amazon gift card.
Just stop by and follow each of our favorite blog to enter!

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