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Quote-tastic/Review-- Orange is the new Yellow! -- My Liege of Dark Haven by Cherise Sinclair

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I love me some Cherise Sinclair and since Sophia from Delighted Reader and I were doing some throw back re-reads/reviews I decided to revisit My Liege. I reviewed it way back in my first year of blogging originally. This is one of my all time favorite reads and just as yummy on the re-read. It's crazy hot and sexy and romantic and has some really funny moments too. This first one cracked me up. It's her first night working at the club as the receptionist...

"Could I presume upon you to inform me who you are?" he asked the blonde politely. "And where Clarissa is?"

"Clarissa quit"--her man's digital watch was far too big for her delicate wrist-- "about two hours ago. I'm filling in tonight." She held her hand out. "Abby."

His faucet of amusement cranked open. Straight-faced, he took her hand. "Xavier."

"Good to meet you." She gave a brief no-nonsense shake and disengaged. "Now can I help you with something? I'm new, but I'll do my best to figure out how to get you what you need."

Dixon looked terrified, clearly expecting Xavier to come down all Dom on Abby's head.

Had he been that bad tempered recently? Xavier smiled. "That's good to hear, Abby, since I need your breasts for a few minutes."

"Of course, I--" She took a hasty step back. "What?"

"Your breasts. I'm going to instruct Master Rainier on how to apply nipple clamps."

She retreated another foot...
 And this one because Dixon is one of my favorite secondary characters. And I think it's funny them calling him My Liege much to his exasperation. 
Dixon turned to the young woman. "This is the owner of Dark Haven. Master Xavier. Call him "my liege."

Xavier sighed. He had no idea who'd first given him that title, but the submissives took such delight in it, he'd allowed it to continue.

Taking a step forward, Dixon whispered all too clearly. "For fuck's sake, don't upset him or say no to him."
And this one because it made me snort. I love her humor and the reactions she has along the way to different things. 
His voice took on a hit of steel. "You don't speak again, unless to use your safe word or yellow to indicate you're frightened."

"I was at yellow the minute I walked in the door."

His laugh was as deeply masculine as his voice. "Then tell me when you reach orange."

My Liege of Dark Haven (Mountain Masters & Dark Haven #3)

No matter how many times you read it, My Liege of Dark Haven is sure to delight with sensual romance, humor, electric explorations and scorching heat that'll deliver shivers of the most delicious variety.

The quick of it is that Abby has kind of infiltrated the club in an effort to research BDSM for a paper she's doing and, well, she gets herself way more than she bargained for when she catches the eye of the club's owner and gets an up close and personal lesson of the dos and don'ts of the lifestyle. Lots of sexy goodness ensue!

Just like the first time, I loved these two. My Liege is seriously lickable with his alpha male Dom ways. He'll totally make you catch your breath and hold you in his spell. And sweet and lovable. I loved her open reactions and the humor in her. They were fabulous together. Bringing out the best qualities and soothing the damaged ones.

The heat. Good Lord. Total make-you-pant-and-beg-for-more goodness. It's nicely kinked out for those that love the genre and enjoy exploring new kinks or equipment (chemical play, fucking machines, or sex war games). But it's also totally works for those who are new to the genre and curious. It's hot and intense but not overwhelming I don't think and is all handled in an amazing way. Definitely one of the best BDSM reads out there. Many bits are in a club or group setting but scenes are so wonderfully intimate too.

The secondary characters are amazing too! The whole atmosphere and family they've created with the kink club gives me the warm fuzzies. I would totally be friends with this group and get a little giddy getting to spend time with them. 

My only real complaint, once again, is that there's an issue with her hateful sister and when the final showdown happened I wanted more of a smack down and a come to Jesus moment for the tart. 

All in all, a deliciously sexy treat from Sinclair! Sexy, sensual and romantic--it'll make you swoon!

Threatened by university cutbacks, Professor Abigail Bern’s only hope is to publish a provocative research paper--soon. Planning to covertly observe behavior in the notorious Dark Haven BDSM club, she takes a receptionist job. When the owner calls upon her to assist in a demonstration, she’s appalled. Then fascinated. Under the unyielding hands of the master known as my Liege, she discovers a need to be more than an observer.

His late wife had been the center of his life, and Xavier Leduc wants no other. But when his new receptionist does her utmost to keep an emotional distance from him, he’s intrigued and digs deeper. She’s adorable. Intriguingly intelligent, beautifully submissive, sweetly vulnerable. He soon realizes her defenses are keeping her on the fringe of her sexuality--and her life. As he draws her into fuller participation, she unconsciously does the same for him. She begins to fill his world.

Ever since the night she met my Liege Xavier, Abby has questioned everything she believes about herself. She’s falling for the stern owner of Dark Haven and thinks he’s beginning to care for her...until the day he learns why she’s in his club.

Challenges: Pick Your Genre (erotic) | Pervy Girl (fucking machines) | Goodreads

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