Thursday, February 18, 2016

Meet the Herd: Margarite

From Across the Rainbow Bridge

Name: Princess Margarite Bucko

Nicknames: Marg, Re, Rita

Age: 15

Color: Grey with speckles

Favorite Things:

-- hovering over people
-- sleeping
-- kisses and hugs

Things I Hate:

-- wet grass
-- taking walks
How it All Began:

13 years ago I met my mom. I was out in Utah living at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. I was two and had been there since I was born. My doggie mom had been found on a reserve and brought into the Sanctuary. She was really sick with Parvo and when I was born so was I. But they got me healthy and fit and ready for a home. But I just couldn't seem to find the right one. Then one day I was just chilling with my friends and mom walked in. I knew right away she was gonna be my human even if she didn't realize right away. But sure enough...a month later she packed me up and we started our life together.

Saying Good-bye: 

I had to leave my mom yesterday. It was a good day but I know it made mom cry. We took a walk and basked in the sun, I had a little food, and lots of kisses and pets and naps. But it was time for me to get my angel wings and to go keep track of our boys up in heaven. They've been left unsupervised for way too long and, really, if you knew Zack and Utah that's asking for all kinds of trouble. So I had to get my wings but wanted to remind my mom not to be sad for too long and to remember all the awesome things we did together. Starting with our first car ride. And let me tell yall it was a doozey. It was way back when mom was just a babe herself. She didn't even have any grey hairs like me! We went all the way from Utah to North Carolina. Mom was real frazzled driving with three big dogs for the first time but oh it was so fun and the first time I had a family! It was also when mom found out that wet grass freaks me out. And would for the rest of my life. Nasty slippery stuff, that! I may have made mom stand out in the rain a few times over the years because I just couldn't GO in that!

Life settled down after our long drive and it was a fun time. We visited my grandmom in Florida who loves to give treats and we lounged a lot and played. Mom always said I was the best dog ever and such a good girl. Well, okay, she said that most of the time and that when I was older I was a naughty girl but she always said it with a smile so I think that was okay. Once the boys left us I might have maybe played fast and loose with the rules. But it was just so she wouldn't miss their naughty antics too much. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

I was never too goofy like our boys were. I was always a thinker, you see? I liked to watch and contemplate every thing. So I know it'll be hard for mom for a while. But I'll watch over her and send her little memories that'll make her smile when she remembers. How she teasingly told me I had a guilty conscience--I would always take the blame if anyone else was naughty--and should have been a Catholic like our friend Toni who I get to see again! I hope my can stealing days and how I chased squirrels in my younger days will give her a smile. My love of tomatoes, too--I may have stolen one or twenty right off the counter...maybe. And how she eventually caved and would give me half of her tomato any time she had one. I hope she'll remember the days when she came home and I gave her big smiles. That always seemed to tickle her. 

And that I was anti-walk taking. Mom, it's totally okay if you accidentally drown the Fitbit. I promise not to tell anyone when I see it happen. I hope you'll remember when we would frisk in the yard and act all silly even if the neighbors could see. How we would get all dressed up for the holidays and have yummy treats. I know I protested baths but you were right. I did look spiffy and smell all nice. Don't forget our Oreo breakfasts and have a Birthday Cake Oreo for me now and again. They were my favorites you know. PS there's one still in the kitchen. You should have it for breakfast today. I hope you'll smile now and again when you think of my ears. They were expressive, I know. You always got a giggle over how I'd drop them the second I saw the camera. And with how I wouldn't hardly ever get on the couch when you were home even when you asked me up but you'd find me sleeping there when you got back from outings. It smelled like you and I just couldn't help it. Darn my old lady hearing and not realizing I'd been caught so many times! 

I know it'll be a sad few days, mom, but don't be sad for too long. Remember all the fun moments we had. It was a good life, wasn't it? Me and the boys are watching over you and the herd now. Try to be good but not TOO good. We don't want a boring show. <grins>





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