Saturday, February 20, 2016

Stahp It. Seriously. Stop Freaking Out. --- Amazon & Hide Sensitive Items

I love our community but we do tend to panic.And when we panic...we panic hard. And so a new feature. Stahp It!

Every few months we have another OMG Amazon or FB or whoever is out to get us!!!! viral sort of post hit our community.

I'm gonna tackle those and try to stop the panic.

This time? Amazon's feature of hiding sensitive items from your personal profile.

This is NOT a big deal, folks.

Okay so what's the panic?

Amazon is hiding reviews!!! You have to uncheck the hide sensitive items box on your profile or your reviews won't be shown! Amazon is trying to censor those who read erotic romance!!

Aaaaaaand that is NOT TRUE!

It's okay, yall. I swear. This feature is not a bad thing.

Basically what it deals with is your PERSONAL PROFILE as an Amazon reviewer. So if someone clicks on Anna's herding cats it shows ALL of my reviews be they books, erotic naughties, health products, etc. Now, though, they have it so sensitive items like these--that I may not want my mama (for example) seeing--aren't shown when you have "Hide Sensitive Items" checked.

This has nothing to do with the review showing on the actual product page.
Reviews are going to show there regardless of this setting.

The best way I can explain it is that it's like Facebook and closed groups. 

What's visible on your regular public FB feed (Amazon profile) vs what's visible in your closed groups (Amazon Product Page)

Closed FB Group = Product Page
You can post in a closed group and everyone that is part of the group is going to be able to see your post. This goes for your Amazon reviews. You've posted it and it's going to show to anyone that stops by that product page to check out that item.

The things you post in a closed FB group, however, will NOT show on your public Facebook page. This is like your Public Amazon Profile with the Hide Sensitive Items feature marked. The item will still show in the closed group/product page but not on your main feed. So your sister-in-law/kids/church members/etc can't see what you're doing unless they're doing it too and are part of the group or checking out the item you reviewed.

So in visuals. And yes I have naughty items on my review list. Ha!

When I have "Hide Sensitive Items from my Public Profile" this is what people see if they click on my reviewer name. Nothing too scandalous! My mama could totally check that out!

When I uncheck the "Hide Sensitive Items from my Public Profile" option...maybe a different story. lol

Yeah. I'm good with my mama not knowing that.

So we'll investigate to show you using the review for Unexpected Rush. It's HIDDEN on my Personal Public Profile Page because I have it marked to hide sensitive items.

But. If I go to the book page where reviews are listed...

It still shows. This setting has NO influence on whether or not the review will show on the actual product page. (and for those curious I totally signed out of Amazon before I visited the book page to confirm my review still showed.)

So don't freak out, okay? It's not going to hurt the author if you want to have the hide sensitive items box checked. Your reviews are still going to show on the product pages for anyone to see. It just won't show on your personal profile if you'd rather your mother-in-law not know that you've reviewed a sex swing that you're using with her baby boy. 

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