Monday, February 29, 2016

The Monthly Herd: February. We at least made it to the end.

February was a long month. On the blogging front it wasn't bad. I had a lot of posts go up though I did take a few days off for some down time. There were a couple tours I put together and they went well, a blog hop spreading the love earlier in the month and a couple sign ups for future events opened. So it was a pretty good blogging month. Oh and I even started a couple new features-- Meet the Herd & Stahp It! I'm loving both of them so far. 

On the home front I'm wiped out. We lost both our herd pup Margarite and then a week later Foster Girl Ro who has been with us for years. Both girls were such troopers and sweet hearts until the very end and passed peacefully with lots of love around them. For that I'm very thankful. I played hermit after they passed and I'm way behind on blog visits and such. I do appreciate all of yall hanging in there with me. Those that sent love and good thoughts for our girls and for everyone who got what a loss it's been for us. I wasn't able to reply to everyone but know that I greatly appreciate all of you and it really did help me get through those days.

I've been making myself go out to things to try and not fall into a long funk and it's been helping. I was able to do a few extra USO shifts and even an off site event for a food bank collection which was a fun distraction. I've been going to my ASL classes as well and those are always a wonderful time. Oh and I finally designed my 2016 review journal. It's perfect. Love it so much. I will have these up for sale at some point. They're about the size of a trade back book. I think that's about it. So we're surviving and hoping for a better March.

I started a new feature! Meet the Herd. 
Each month one of the herd babes will hijack the blog and get to tell you their story.
So far BabyG and Margarite and been blogger-babes.

Another new feature! This one is tackling all of the panic in our community and debunking it.

Blog Ahead is coming soon! Well, the mini version of it :) 
If you'd like to be notified about that please fill out THIS form.

More info HERE.

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