Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Insta-Wednesday: Back into the World

Because I love Instagram and fun pictures. The Herd's week ala Instagram :)

Morning. No thank you.

Time with the USO. #heroes
(there was an emergency we need help! call put out at 6am and I was up and headed out. it was actually a lot of fun. we helped with a LexisNexis event boxing up canned food donations for the foodbank and USO)

One of the ladies in my ASL class brought us all earrings she made. 
I also learned how to sign son of a whore. 
#SaturdayWin #mypretties #learningnewthings

Delicious! Hashbrowns, eggs and veggies, and biscuits on top. Turned out great! 
#amcooking #foodporn #delicious #foodgasm #comingsoon #tastydelight #goodeats

It was like they decided to suck all of the joy out of the muffin to make it healthy. 
I had to chase it with a cookie. Had my regular shift at the USO. I then offered to one of the guys I work with and got a "I saw your face, I'm good." lol

#sadness #joysuckers #wheresthesugar #sadnessinmymouth

Sometimes you just need your juice with a puppy straw.
I was needing some comfort tonight and this felt comforting.
BabyG agreed.

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