Thursday, February 11, 2016

Meet the Herd: Baby G

I've been asked a few times now to introduce the herd. So a new feature! Each month we'll have a spotlight herd babe and they'll get to hijack the blog and tell you all about themselves :)

Baby of the Month: Gladys

Name: Gladys Joy

Nicknames: BabyG, Gladiola

Age: 8

Color: Grey. Gorgeous Grey.

Favorite Things:

--Birthday Cake Oreos
--Meeeeehhhhing at the other cats
--inspecting books
--napping under the covers
--helping make the beds!

Things I Hate:

--Being told what to do.
--When people *cough* Sidney *cough* walk on top of me when I'm sleeping.

How it all Began:

I met my mom on my very first day. I'd been left at the pound in March with my siblings and without our kitty mom. So I came home with Anna and was a bottle baby. Well not RIGHT away. My first couple days I had a doggie mom who nursed me. Then I spent a couple weeks with another lady who had a momma cat but I got really sick and she wasn't taking care of me so I came back to Anna and never left again. That's when the bottle happened. I loved me some bottle time. Mom says I was way stubborn and wouldn't give up the bottle until I was 9 weeks old. 



My Quirks:

My grandmom makes me real nervous and I hide every time she visits. Even if it's a week. I already have a human. I do NOT need another one. *haughty glare*

Hrrrms. Oh! I have no teeth! So I maybe kinda lick funny and to the side. And I like to gum people.

And I have what my momma calls a 'wonky eye'. When I got sick as a baby I almost lost my eye but lots of horrible meds and a couple weeks spent wiggling trying to get away from them and I still have my eye but it's a little funny looking and cloudy. But I'm all good and can still chase the laser pointer.

My Naughtiest Moment: 

*huffy sigh* I'm perfect. I would never!

Tell us about you!

Hi! My name is BabyG. I'm the baby of the family and I totally RULE the house. Bow down to the G! Bow down to the G! That's what I tell the other cats. *nods* Mom says I have attitude to spare but I think I'm just particular and I'd really like for everyone else to fall in line with my wishes. I like to eat and help with the computer and I oversee all of mom's reading. I LOVE when there are kitties in books. I'm just tickled grey every time there's a kitteh shifter or a pampered feline. Those paranormal ones are my favorites. Those historicals and their kitty-less ways, though. *hangs head in sadness* I'm looking at you Sabrina Jeffries. Imma looking at you. 

What else? Hmms lemmethink. lemmethink. Okay. Well, mom says I run around house like a demented ferret all slinky like. And that I'm neurotic as hell. She yells GLADYS JOY! all the time but I think it's cus I's the favorite. Oh and I chirp a lot and she yodels me like those engineer guys do. Lordy seriously it's a good thing I like her face. 

Anyways. I thought I'd add in a few pics of me looking fabulous *primps* Go ahead and bask in my cuteness. It's okay. Resistance is futile. 




Other Herd Babes...coming soon!

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