Tuesday, June 28, 2016

3.5 stars-- Addicted (Outlaws #2) by Elle Kennedy

Holy hot dayum. Kennedy knows how to write a scorcher that'll leave you completely satisfied but panting for just... a little... more. Whew! Addicted brought some serious sexy as the Outlaw community is gripped with a sense of foreboding and all kinds of yummy sexual tension sinks it's claws into best friends Lennox and Jamie putting their friendship to the test. The plan? Bide their time training and fucking--danger be damned!-- until whatever's threatening the community finally makes itself known. Mm!

Real quick. If you don't know the series. Basically, post devastating war, a Global Council now runs the world and all aspects of people's lives. If you don't live in one of their cities and abide their rules you're an Outlaw and are hunted. Life is gritty, dark, and a constant battle for survival but there's freedom, choice, and passion. This series is about the Outlaws and them finding a spot of happiness.

I just loved Lennox. Full out sexy with a little alpha in him. He was easy going until his control slipped and then he was intense as all hell--often with sinfully delicious results. Yes, please! I liked Jamie, too. She's a tough chick and not afraid to get her hands dirty. She did have some irrational moments and would fly off the handles a little too easily which got old. But for the most part I was good with her.

They were great together. I loved their history and that they'd known each other since childhood. Knew each other inside and out, could bring out the best in each other and drive the other batshit crazy, too. It was fun seeing them finally deal with their attraction. They crossed that line in a stunning way and it was a scorcher. Hot, sexy and sometimes crazy awkward but so so good.
Got, there were so many dirty things she still needed to learn about him. She couldn't fucking wait.
Which brings us to the heat. There is a lot of sex in this book. A LOT of sex. This society is all about getting a little (or lot) of pleasure when they can. It's a pretty bleak world but an orgasm or eight...totally helps a soul deal with the day to day. And they're totally open with experiences, too. Sex in public, bringing in thirds, a little rough play. Nothing's really off the table and, yall, it'll make you squirm! Dirty, raunchy, and oh so delicious.

Plot-wise. This one very much felt like a transition novel that's setting up the next one for a big showdown. There's a little action and danger (and, okay, one bit that made me cry) but overall there's no huge plot that was dealt with other than Len, Jamie and their friends helping a nearby Outlaw community training in weapons and defense.

All in all, though, I had a great time with Addicted. When it comes to gritty, erotic, make-you-bite-your-lip romance...Kennedy delivers in a gloriously sensual way. Whew boy, does she!

Lennox used to live in a paradise on earth with his best friend Jamie, in a place where visitors came and went, allowing their desires to run free. But everything changes when a deadly attack forces them to take up with Connor Mackenzie’s band of Outlaws. Lennox knows Jamie is hung up on someone else, but he’s always believed he’s the man for her—and won’t let her go without a fight.

Even though Jamie is well aware that Lennox is one hot specimen of a man, she refuses to let sex ruin the most important relationship in her life. But when the object of her interest spurns her, she indulges in a little pleasure-filled revenge with her very magnetic, very willing best friend. One thrilling night with Lennox is enough to awaken Jamie’s unexpected desires for him. And now that she’s had a taste, she’s not sure she can ever give him up...

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