Saturday, June 4, 2016

Audio Files-- {Night Broken by Patricia Briggs} & {Unexpected Gifts by Elena Aitken}

Two audiobooks coming at ya. One...fabulous. Lordy I love me some Patricia Briggs. And one...cute story but unfortunate audiobook choice. Ergs.

Night Broken (Mercy Thompson, #8) by Patricia Briggs--4 stars, 2 heat

The Story:

Yeah. There's a certain ex-wife that needs to have a freak accidental run in with a herd of rampaging guinea pigs. #JustSaying #RunPiggiesRun #TakeHerDown

Okay so basically Adam's ex--Christy-- has managed to get herself a stalker and has come begging Adam for help and good guy that he is he agrees. And because she's Christy she brings all kinds of hell and drama to the household, to Adam and Mercy's marriage, to the Pack and the area in general. I mean. Seriously where the fuck are the goddamn rampaging guinea pigs when you need them?! lol Night Broken was dangerous, frustrating, exciting, full of all kinds of paranormal goodness and had me fitpumping for Mercy because she's just an awesome heroine and no matter what's thrown at her the girl holds her own and does so with class! Parts made me growly--grrr this Pack, some of them need a talking to about loyalties and Mercy--but overall a fabulous action packed edition to the series.

The Narrator: Lorelei King

Lorelei King continued to charm me. I just love the extra element she brought to a series I'm so smitten with. I love them in print but enjoying them in a whole new way with the audio. I'm planning on doing a re-listen to the whole series at some point. The time I spent walking the neighborhood while listening to King just made it fly by--and I seriously hate exercise so that's saying something! She just does a lovely job with all of the different voices--male and female--and has the perfect narration for the series.

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Unexpected Gifts (Castle Mountain Lodge #1) by Elena Aitken--3 stars (story) 1 star (narration)

The Story:

Unexpected Gifts was a cute little Christmas read. An unexpected connection with an old acquaintance. Healing, finding the Christmas spirit, love and happiness. I enjoyed the story as Andi--who is hiding out from Christmas festivities--and Colin--who wants to embrace the season with verve--are thrown together and have a whirlwind wintery romance at a mountain resort. It was sweet and even though the romance moved quickly it was fun and the characters likable. Fairly PG overall.

The Narrator: Laura Drake Ford

Listening to it on audio was a mistake for me, though, and really cut down on the enjoyment. I actually ended up bailing about halfway through and reading the rest in ebook because I was enjoying the story but just could not get into Jennifer Drake Ford's narration. She basically the book. I mean flat out read the book. Everything sounded pretty much the same with very little distinction between narration and dialogue or that of various women and hero. It didn't even feel like an attempt at making a distinction. I listened on the normal setting (usually I listen on 1.5 instead of 1.0) and even at normal setting it seemed too fast. And WAY too perky. Like someone take away her coffee perky. I won't be listening to the narrator again.

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