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4 stars-- Hanging by a Thread (Riley O'Brien & Co. #3) by Jenna Sutton

Oh how I love this series! Sexy, playful, make-you-smile romance. Hanging by a Thread totally won me over.

Okay so the quick of it is Cal's sister is Bebe's best friend. Problem is...they can't stand each other or resist throwing a snarky barb in the others direction. Really, though, they're both harboring some hardcore lust and trying desperately to hide the fact. Until a little bit of eavesdropping presents a very interesting turn of events. Bebe...is in need of a man. Well, she's in need of a cock to help her with one very pesky hymen. Aaaaaand enter Cal who offers up his manly bits because, seriously, he wants this girl bad. And so begins a "de-virginization plan". Erm... "the cherry picking project". Or...the romance of Cal and Bebe.

"Losing your virginity requires a penis, and I just happen to have one."
These two were SO fun! I love a good antagonistic relationship and, whew boy, the fire and snark thrown between these two and seeing it turn into a sassy, cheeky teasing was entertaining as all get out. Bebe and Cal are charming and endearing. They're both awesome people and interesting too. Cal is solid. Caring and dependable and a good guy with a huge heart. He also has a passion for cooking (yay!) And Bebe. She's like smack-ya-stupid brilliant. Like in college at 15 been to law school and med school brilliant. But also very very innocent because practically every moment of her life has been about education and learning. She's also Indian which I thought was really interesting and different. I loved her. Her wide eyed innocence and lust for trying new things was absolutely charming.
"Are you okay?"

"I'm better than okay. You executed the de-virginization plan with skill and patience."

Her comment shocked a laugh out of him, and the action nudged him deeper inside her.
I seriously loved them together. They aren't all about the sexy times...though, whoa, the sexy times are amazing--but about all kinds of firsts. Because of her upbringing--yall her parents are like the devil-- and focus on education Bebe hasn't experienced so many things that are so normal for most people. From simple things like picnics, breakfast in bed, seeing a musical to all of the intimate moments together. It tugged at the heart and gah it was just lovely seeing her enjoying herself and really coming to life as she and Cal spent time together. Sweet, lively and full of humor..they were an absolute treat.
"When you said anything I want and any way I want you, did you really mean that?"

She bit her lip. "Umm...yes?"

"Are you asking me or telling me?"

She blew out a breath. "I meant it when I said it, but now I'm a little worried because you have that look on your face."

"What look?"

"The one that says, 'By the time I'm done with you, you'll barely be conscious, and if you are, you'll be too embarrassed to look me in the eye.'"

"Oh. That look." He chuckled. "I'm glad you recognize it."
Sutton continues to delight. Every book, every couple, every romance...beautiful, heart-warming, and sure to leave a smile on your face and a happy sigh leaving your lips. These books are just good for the reader-girl soul. Grab em. Grab em now! ;)

Thirty-year-old Bebe Banerjee is desperate to get rid of two things: her fiancĂ© and her virginity. Escaping her arranged marriage might be impossible, but she refuses to give her firsts to an entitled jerk who lives on another continent. Instead, she devises a plan that guarantees another man will get her momentous firsts. But she never imagined that man would be Cal O’Brien, the gorgeous heir to the Riley O’Brien & Co. denim empire…

Although Cal has always been fascinated by Bebe’s brilliant mind and beautiful eyes, he’s never pursued her. She can’t stand the sight of him, and every time they’re in the same room, they end up trading insults. Yet when he finds out about Bzebe’s bold plan, he makes his move, unaware of her upcoming nuptials. He promises to make her firsts unforgettable, but he doesn’t know how hard it will be to forget her when their arrangement ends.

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