Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Insta-Wednesday: Books, Donuts, Cocktacular-ness!

Because I love Instagram and fun pictures. The Herd's week ala Instagram :)

Okay a LOT of catching up since I didn't post while I was sick a bit back. Books and cats and donuts and a lot of cocktacularness in today's post!

Got all my steps in before 2pm and my inbox nearly tackled and errands done soooo....donut and book break. Woots!

A little snuggle-reading time with #BabyG before getting back to work.

BabyG is helping me read tonight. She was feeling snuggly and squeezed into the crook of my arm to watch the book.

er is full of help today. lol The #CutieUPSMan brought me some pretties. One sexy and one sweet. Cant wait!

Coming soon to a blog near you! Yup. Lipsdicks! 
I'll be doing a lipsdick giveaway on the FB Group this week (hopefully)! Be sure to join!

Don't wanna wait? Grab yours HERE

Lol the view when I switched from my kindle app to the camera. 
#readingwithcats #ReadingCat #mycatreadssmut

I got pretty new note cards and might be writing people tonight with the peni-pen. *shhh* no one tell my gram shes getting a peni-pen written note :) She would be so torn over this. I mean. Yay! Im writing people. But the peni-pen?! 

#pretty #handwritten #mail #oldfashioned #andalittlenaughty

(the peni-pen has since gone AWOL #flails)

lol my grocery store has a bit of a naughty side... #kroger #shopping #silly #mightneedit

Because we are full of help.

I went to our memorial service in Cary this afternoon. It was my first time visiting our Freedom Park. It was a lovely event and the rain held off until the last song. Then it poured. Kind of fitting.

BabyG watching over her new arrivals... 

(four of the five were really pretty good! I still need to read Summer Bride)

The review pile just got a little hotter! 

My replacement Fitbit arrived. They sent a surprise! The old one was black and now were goong blue/gray. It jinda matches my book and nails so were good. lol 
#amreading #bookgasm #bookstagram #bookoftheday #reading #fitbit #booklove

Woohoo! I was quoted! Yay! Awesome author. If you haven't checked Sutton out you gotta :) 
2 publishers down, 3 to go. lol

My heart <3 #Clemadora #CleoCat

When everyone needs mama-baby time...right...this...second.
#kittyPile #snuggles #herdlove

LOL yall I cant. Im dying over here. There is just so much happy happening here at casa herding kitties. Lol

#gimme #silly #cocktacular

(Get Yours! http://amzn.to/1OobYQL )

Sometimes sacrifices must be made... #joy

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