Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Monthly Herd: May-- Erm, we're still in the vicinity of May, right?

Earg. It's practically still May, right? Okay so the big-ish stuff here.

Well. I got sick for like the first time in ever. Then got myself sick again. I so do NOT get sick like ever so holy heck it was a smack down, yall. I'm nearly better though *fingers crossed*

Blog happenings were pretty normal for May overall. But we did have Blog Ahead with a bunch of bloggers joining in to tackle and schedule blog posts and I think that went well. And the other big thing is that there's now a FB group for the blog. FB decided our fan page just wasn't going to be seen by anyone so I started the FB group and so far I think it's going incredibly well. Hope you'll join us!

On the home front. Working around the house, USO, ASL classes and the usual. I also booked my first vacation in nearly four years! I'm going to do a train trip to FL to visit my mom and grandmom

If you want to hang out with mwah (you do, you do!) we're now in a FB group.
Authors and readers are welcome.

Erms. I have no idea. I think I'm hanging easy for June. I'm going to try to cook more and do some more discussions. I've been avoiding those lately.

WHOA! It was a HEAVY Review month. Holy cow. Some pretty amazing ones too including my 2nd 5 star read for the year. Woots!

Total Reviews: 21
New to Me Authors: 6
Favorite Read: Fly With Me (it was amazing!)
Towards Challenges: 21

Guest Post w/ Scarlett Cole
Interview w/ Liz Talley

Insta-Wednesday is now like Insta--Two-Times-A-Month lol

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