Friday, June 17, 2016

Word from the Herd: who the hell are you? *unfollow*

*wipes forehead* So! I had a wee little breakdown. It went a little like this...

*logs into Twitter*

*sees yet another idiotic post*

*immediately thinks who the hell is this person? why are they on my feed?!*

*realizes at some point they followed me and I followed them back because, you know, polite thing to do*

*looks at them a little longer*

*decides fuck this shit*

*hits unfollow*

*visits the page of people I follow*

*again with the who the hell are all these people?!*

* Twitter massacre begins*

*breathes deep sigh of satisfaction*

Okay. So one of the big things in the bloggery authorly world is socializing and networking and making new friends. And this can be really freaking great! I've met a lot of awesome people after someone hit that friend request button or gave a follow and I checked them out.

But then there are those that just want ya as a number.

Or to promote at.

Or you realize that while yall can have books in common you really REALLY don't care for them as a person and they are loud and in your face about those things that are off putting.

And I. Am. Done.

I do this every now and again on Facebook. Usually after someone was an asshole in a post over a political thing or a religious thing. Now, I'm fine with differing opinions. But I've had some on my feed that are just assholes about it. They can't just say hey this is what I believe. Oh no. It's like if you don't believe exactly like I do you're scum/an asshole/bigot/racist/word du jour. Not cool, yall.


And it inevitably has me looking over my entire friends list and groups list kinda like today and getting rid of a ton of people and leaving groups.

Especially if I'm not attached to your ass, ya know?

If I can't place your name, if you've friended me and then never commented, liked, shared anything with me, never made any attempt to actually get to know

And damn if it doesn't feel amazing to purge the e-clutta.

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