Sunday, June 12, 2016

Tasty Delights-- Tamale Pie

I'm still Spring Cleaning. At this point, yall, it's just gonna be like 2016 Cleaning. lol I'm going SO slow. But at the moment I'm working on the kitchen. And that meant taking EVERYTHING out of the cabinets, cleaning and organizing. And realizing I had 8 boxes of Jiffy Mix between the cabinets and 4 jars of red sauce. Erms. Hell if I know, yall. Hell if I know.

And off to search for a way to use some of my hoard of goodies up. That's when I found a Tamale Pie recipe. I've never had this before but turned out delish and I've made it a couple times now. Super easy too. 

Okay so start off with making your cornbread layer. Mix, egg, sour cream (or milk whichever you prefer but not both) and creamed corn. I've done it both ways and they're both good. So simple. Bake it then poke holes across the layer and pour on however much enchilada sauce you'd like.


While your corn bread layer was in the oven cooking (about 20 minutes) work on the top layer of yum.

Saute up your onions and add seasonings. You can use homemade or store bought.
I happened to have a couple packets of taco seasoning from the store so used that since it was quick. 

Add your meat and a little salsa if you'd like. That wasn't in the original recipe but I wanted it so I did. For yall meat eaters you'd need to cook your meat first. Since I'm a veggie my fake crumbles just go in frozen and work fine.

Once your meat layer has been cooked pour it over the cornbread layer.

Top with cheese and bake!

(I used different cheeses each time I made it so that's why pics look different lol)

Tasty Delights and Dazzling Disasters is all about playing in the kitchen and having some fun.

I'll share my delights and my disasters. Yall feel free to join in and create your own posts, share your favorite recipes, what have you. If you have a recipe suggestion just let me know!

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