Monday, March 25, 2019

4 stars-- Finding Me (Love at Starlight #3) by Kris Jett

I won't lie. I was real nervous going into Finding Me. Luci and I have NOT gotten along during the series so far so I was fully prepared to have a bitch fest all over her but...she pulled it off!
The Gist: Luci done screwed up. She tried to sell her sister's pub...without permission and the realtor? Well he's kinda pissed since she wasted all his time for nothing.  It kinda grates that he keeps running into her all over town. But dammit he's intrigued, too. And suddenly finds himself all wrapped up in one of her schemes.
Luci. Like I said. I was nervous. She's not a personality type I like. Jumps into things without thinking about the consequences, she's flighty and inconsiderate. It took me a while to get on board with her. But she had a bit of a come to Jesus moment and grew up a little and started getting her act together which I can respect. Evan was easy to like, though. He's still trying to figure out what he wants in life but he's a good guy, sexy, and a reader. *swoon*

Their romance worked out. I enjoyed them spending together as he helped her with the book she was writing and they bonded over trying to find her mom a hot date. There were some cute moments and a little bit of steam, too. Finding Me wound up being nice read overall.

Luci Foster knows she has to make amends with a lot of people, starting with her family whom she hadn’t spoken to since she’d moved to New York City over six years ago, to become a writer. She had long run out of money and friends willing to let her crash on their couches for a night while she waited for her big break, and at twenty-six years old, found herself back home in Snowy Ridge, Wisconsin, living with her Mom and working with her sisters, Wynn and Jessie, again. Luci had always been told she was like a tornado: came in fast and left destruction in her wake. It might have worked for her when she was younger but it wasn’t what she wanted for herself anymore and she was determined to make a change.

Evan Monroe has struggled since graduating from college three years earlier. He’d moved from one awful job to the next and thought he was destined to live in his parents’ basement forever and work at the local Starbucks until his dad urged him to move to Snowy Ridge and work for his Aunt Bets as a realtor. Coupled with just coming out of a long-term relationship with his college sweetheart, the opportunity to get away and figure things out seemed too good to pass up. Evan didn’t know what he wanted from life but in his heart, he knew real estate wasn’t it for him. There was a goal set in front of him somewhere in the distance; he just couldn’t make out what it was yet.

After a disastrous initial meeting months earlier, Luci and Evan aren’t thrilled to reconnect at first. But with time, friendship, and increasing desires, that’s all about to change. Neither Luci or Evan knows exactly what they’re looking for; but, they both may find exactly what they need has been in front of them the whole time.

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