Saturday, March 23, 2019

In My Cart -- Paid $22.49 for $166.00 of Groceries

I decided to start sharing my couponing adventures on the blog!

My Shopping This Week

Paid 22.49 for 166.00 worth of groceries!
Not bad!

Retail 166.00
OOP 45.30
Final 22.49
(tax 3.19)

65 items
15 donated

73.85 Retail
14.41 OOP
6.16 Final

Our Publix takes competitor coupons. I received a $10 off $50 coupon from Lowes Foods so went in and couponed. In the end paid only 6.16! 

The pizza and oreo bar helped me get to 50. lol I was short when I got to the register. Ah!


4.62 Retail
0.62 OOP
0.12 Final


Foodlion has a text program. Sign up and they send you free or bogo offers now and again. For St Patrick's Day they sent a $2 off cabbage. With sales that made nearly 6 pounds of free cabbage.

Harris Teeter
40.24 Retail
11.75 OOP
6.75 Final

Gatorade bars were buy 5 save 5 at my bar with a 1/1 rebate on ibotta for each making all five free.

1.37 Retail 
1.37 OOP
0.03 Final

The mobile app offers free products (usually produce) now and again. This week there was a free potatoes offer. You could buy 1.50 in potatoes and they refund you the price (minus the tax). So my sweet potatoes were only 3 cents.

Harris Teeter
4.01 Retail
1.01 OOP
1.01 Final

I was just browsing the store to get a few extra steps in. Didn't find much but found some marked down butternut squash. I love the pre-diced squash but no way I'm paying 4 bucks!

22.72 Retail
9.84 OOP
5.09 Final

I was finishing up some ibotta bonuses (sabra avacado, croutons, ragu) so went to Foodlion. I also had a $2/8 produce competitor coupon.  And used the free Deer Park coupon they mailed out a while back that I'd shared. If you still have yours they expire 3/31 so don't forget to use it! 

19.19 Retail
6.30 OOP
3.30 Final

I was picking up a birthday cake that they had to fix so I wandered the store. The mug cake was another freebie on Ibotta, the coffees were free with digital coupon on the Publix app. They'll make a great donation!


1.50/2 LightLife HERE
Dove Mens
1.50/1 Truvia HERE
Mug Treats-- Free with Ibotta rebate 
1/1 Horizons Organic High Protein Milk HERE
1/2 Clorox Wipes HERE
1/3 PopTarts HERE
1.25/1 McCormick Extract HERE
.50/1 Oikos Oh! yogurt HERE
1/1 Cafe Bustelo HERE
1.25/1 Dunkin Donuts Coffee HERE
2/1 Oxiclean HERE
1.25/1 Sabra & Carrots HERE

Want to know more? Join our FB group that's all about coupons and savings!

I'm slowly working on a website and FB group for couponing where I'll share deals and coupons. Feel free to join, ask questions, share your hauls, etc!

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