Thursday, March 14, 2019

[memes] Oooo I Cannot WAIT For These Books! + my week

I HAVE A ROOF!!!!! Yall! I am giddy! They showed up and got the roof off and it promptly started to rain (when it had a 3% chance) then flurry. Once it stopped it took them about 5 hours. It's such a relief to have that finally off my to do list. And now that it's done the skies are like eh, rain? I'm good, thanks. *rolls eyes*

Cleo had a few breathing attacks which was frustrating. Her oxygen machine did arrive and has helped. We've started a few new meds as well. Weather/mold are kicking off the issue, we think.

Food pantry was fine but slow this week.

Other than that I cooked and cleaned and purged and read. And survived FB taking down the world. Realized how many sites I use a FB login option when I couldn't login places other than social media. :facepalm:

Oh. And I had a "Mom of the Year" moment. Washed G's princess bed. Things went horribly wrong, yall. lol

The Deal-- Was good. They're super young but their romance was emotional/romantic/touching and had some funny bits to it as they faced off. I thought the relationship conflict at the end was pretty lame, though.

Cowboy to the Core -- Cowboys. Cowboys (and girls) everywhere! Woo! It was really good and wow these two had some tremendous growth.

Moonshine & Magnolias -- Was fun. Cover to come. It's set at an inn and I always love those.


Still working on the audio for The Pursuit. It's good. I'm just listening slowly. Santa's on His Way I'm having to re-read 2 of the novellas because I may have forgotten to actually review them. Oops! I enjoyed it, though, so it's no hardship really.

*squeals of delight* I have been DYING for Dangerous Beauty
Was excited to see it land in the inbox.

(they were all free at the time at least)


Ache for You by JT Geissinger

Eh. It wasn't anything special so you get this week's food!

Grilled Halloumi over Butternut Squash Risotto
Mandarin Chick'n over Fried Rice
Skillet Lasagna
Nacho/Taco-ish thing with Jalapeno/Artichoke Cheese Dip

hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

Top SIX: Books On My Spring 2019 TBR
(March 20- June 21)

Since I'm not reading too many new releases only 6 upcoming books on my Spring TBR pile. I'm seriously looking forward to all of them. Excellent series/authors.

(I've already read the two Yates books since formatting this post lol-- both were good!)

*covers link to Amazon

Question: Do you use NetGalley, Edelweiss, both, or neither? 
A: Yes...but no. lol I do have accounts at both but this past year have opted to not take on review books for the most part. I'll take one now and again (like Yates or Geissinger) but it's rare compared to before. I did finish up all Edelweiss reviews. And on NetGalley I've gotten to 97% with 10 outstanding reviews copies. Hopefully I'll finish that up in the very near future :)

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