Thursday, March 7, 2019

[memes] I Need A Sequel, Dammit! + my week in books

More rain. Oh my gosh. Turn off the faucet! LOL We had a couple days break and that was wonderful, though. It's nice not to squish when you walk. ::snort:: 

The week was fairly quiet. Cleo had an attack and we had to do a quick 3am trip to the emergency vet but thankfully were home within an hour (she just needed some oxygen)

I had the food pantry and USO and both were pretty quiet, too. It was a bit weird.

Other than that not much. The yard guys are nearly done and the roofers are hopefully finishing up the roof today (Friday). Just in time for weekend rain. I'm so excited to have that done.

Minutes to Kill-- I FINALLY FINISHED IT!! I started this in like August. lol It was a good book. I was just really slow on the audio. It's a lawyer who got tied up in a sex trafficking ring. 

Temptation & Trouble-- Aaaah erotica. This was fun but needed a little editing. Heroine screws up her life...lands herself two daddies. Um. lol

Rock Hard-- Man this series is good. Growly hero with a heart of gold and a heroine fighting to get her life back after a trauma. Sweet and funny and sexy and just so good. 

Need Me Cowboy-- Pretty good. Hero was sent to prison for 5 years for killing his wife...who turned out faked her death. Yeah. 


I love this series from Evanovich. I'm listening to The Pursuit on audio since I love Scott Brick. And I just started The Deal in ebook. I always enjoy Kennedy.


I really don't take review books anymore but wound up with 3 this week. Ee! The Beyond by Chloe Neill just random showed up but I do enjoy the series so that's fun. And Yates. I can't resist hers at all so snagged Need Me, Cowboy (it was good) and Cowboy to the Core.


I mighta gone ebook crazy this week. lol Going Down on One Knee is on sale for 99cents. Everythign else was free at time of purchase. 

And So We Sing-- Beat of the Music
Hot Asset by Lauren Layne

hosted by: That Artsy Reader Girl

Top Six: Standalone Books That Need a Sequel

Yeah. Turns out I'm really a series girl. I mean, I knew that but whoa it took me looking through everything I've read since 2011 to find six! lol

I loved each of these reads for different reasons and would LOVE to either spend more time with these couples for a sequel or have the stories of some of their friends told. Would love that!

*covers link to amazon


Question: Do you buy all your books? If yes, do you keep it all? If no, where do you source them?
A: Nope. I don't buy books often. For years I read 95% ARCs (yes, kept them all). Now I do a mix of library loans, Kindle Unlimited, booklending and freebie ebooks mostly. If I do buy one I do keep it :)
ETA if I do buy it's gonna be print. Though right now I'm trying not to buy anything at all other than groceries and pet supplies so. lol 

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