Saturday, March 9, 2019

In My Cart-- $714.57 Worth Of Groceries for $74.38

I decided to start sharing my couponing adventures on the blog!

My Shopping This Week
(March 1- 8)
$714.57 worth of groceries for $74.38!

There was a TON of shopping this week because one of my stores had a couponing event so I went every dang day. lol Picked up some nice donations, some items to try out for the first time and just some pantry/supply stocking. 

$714.57 Retail
$117.23 OOP
$74.38 Final
12.23 of that was Taxes
#Items 214
#Donated 39


31.70 Retail
.64 OOP

--Two Good Yogurt printable coupon: HERE
--I used a $10 off your next order coupon to lower my out of pocket expense that I got from a gift card promo at Foodlion (Buy $50 get $10 off). I bought a Home Depot card which was money I'd have spent anyways and got the $10 to use later. 

18.44 Retail
-1.00 OOP
-2.50 Final

--I was doing a little rebate shopping. And have been craving ramen lately. This is the only brand/flavor sold here that I can eat (vegan) and it was on sale so I picked up two packs. 


48.98 Retail
11.29 OOP
2.29 Final

--Some rebate shopping for things to donate. Cereal, kotex, razors and quorn products
Coupons: Cascadian Farms Cereal: HERE


92.32 Retail
13.04 OOP
2.29 Final

-Harris Teeter does Super Doubles once a month where they double coupons. I love this event. Made most of the items free which is great for donations.
-Plus my vegan meat was on sale with coupon and rebate making them 50cents a bag. Usually they're $5 each! Woo!

Johnson & Johnson Printable : HERE
Revlon Lip: HERE

100.42 Retail

12.02 OOP
6.67 final

-- Got some good tomatoes on markdown for 86 cents!

99.57 Retail
16.12 OOP
16.02 Final


--Used the FREE Purina One coupon to lower the price on the bag by 9.99!

105.79 Retail
10.58 OOP
7.18 Final

Coupons: Pepsi 12pk & 20oz Zero Sugar: HERE
Look in store for coupons, too! The Red's breakfast burritos had $1/2 coupons stuck on them!

88.82 Retail
15.96 OOP
7.96 Final

--The Dave's Killer bread had coupons stuck on them, too!
--Cereal is a HUGE thing at the food pantry. So if I can find it for 25cents or less a box (or a money maker in this case where they paid me) I buy all I can!

73.57 Retail
31.74 OOP
30.49 Final

--If you have Publix check your digital coupons. There's a $1/1 Folgers coupon that works on the single size making them all free! Up to 8x use!
--This trip was WAY more expensive than I like but I wanted to try some items (the butternut squash risotto) and I picked up my 9.99 a block grilling cheese. #WorthIt

54.96 Retail
6.84 OOP
5.84 Final

--Check your stores for clearance/reduced to sell items in produce/meat/bakery. It's amazing what shows up. Those muffins are usually 1.50 each! I got 12 for 1.99. They'll freeze well, too! Same with the lettuce. Normally 4.99 a pack but on markdown for $1! They do expire quickly but if you work your meals around items you find you can get great produce (use within 2-3 days) for next to nothing

Stonyfield Yogurt Packs: HERE

Want to know more? Join our FB group that's all about coupons and savings!

I'm slowly working on a website and FB group for couponing where I'll share deals and coupons. Feel free to join, ask questions, share your hauls, etc!

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