Saturday, March 30, 2019

Blog All About It: Luck... or Something (Insta2019)

Because I love Instagram and sharing what we've been up to the last couple weeks...

As March comes to a close I realized I still needed to do my Blog All About It challenge post. This month our prompt is Luck. Hmm

I don't really have lucky charms or a lucky number. I'm not Irish so no luck of the Irish happening here. I got to thinking about my daily life and how blessed I am. Not lucky, per se, but blessed. So I thought I'd combine my InstaWednesday post and some photos from life the last two months. And explain a little...

I was blessed with another year. Another year to explore my town, continue improving my health. Another year to figure out life.

I started the year exploring a small park in my town. Just walking around and getting some steps in and taking in the views...


I'm blessed with where I live. I live near downtown and my town has made so much effort to create a beautiful and engaging area. It's safe and colorful and full of interesting things throughout the year.


Even when life is hard and herd babies are sick or cross the rainbow bridge I'm blessed that I can take care of them and be their for them. That my mom and my friends are supportive and pray for us.


Baby G is a constant blessing. 11 years of sweetness and funny looks. Her first days of life were hard and we're lucky she survived them. She'll forever be my little blessing.

I'm blessed in that I can give back. Volunteering at the food pantry (first day back after the holidays) and USO (first time in 6 years I was WAY late, oops! lol).


Blessed with the blog and that my herd babies are always willing to lend a paw or chin to posts being created...

Blessed to be in an area that constantly has exciting bands and singers coming through. Got to see Scotty McCreery in January along with Jimmie Allen.


Blessed with each day with Cleo who's a miracle pure and simple.

I'm blessed with an abundance of food and a love for both cooking and trying new things. From butternut squash burritos to sweet and sour porkless bits and maple glazed squash and purple asparagus (it was purple before cooking!)


With creativity and organization and having found an outlet for both each week...

Blessed with sweet snuggles...


Blessed to have had time with my baby before she left us.

And even blessed with mess because without the herd life would be oh so dull.

Blessed with these sweet faces and the ability to give them fun new things to explore now and again.

Definitely blessed to have a new car that's safe and paid for. And funny moments with capturing kitties on the random.

Seriously. How could I not find myself blessed when looking at that little face and the joy of a new bag.

I'm incredibly blessed to have good friends who care for me when life is hard and send yummy care packages. Sweets and new recipes for the win!

I don't really believe in luck for the most part but a blessed life...for sure. It's not always easy but I'm thankful for what I have and early morning moments with my baby.

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