Friday, March 29, 2019

[memes] Here's Why I Pick Up A Book + my week in books

A busy week here, yall. It wasn't bad, though. Not bad at all, really. Phase 2 of the back yard remodel is finally done! Woohoo! I seriously thought it would never happen. Next step is a full privacy fence.

Food pantry was okay. Some of the shopping habits frustrate me. I want so badly to sit down with people and be like okay you'll get 2 servings out of this but if you get this bag it's 10 servings. This is a better choice. Ahhh! They shop for an entire month of food at a time.

There's lots of growing in the garden which is exciting. I'll hopefully be doing my second phase of planting this coming week depending on temps!

The girls are all hanging in there. I did a lot of reading and a lot of blogging. I'm nearly done with April's posts. I have like 8 left I think which should be finished up this weekend.

Trailblazer -- I loved it! It's been over a year since I read a historical so nice to get back into it. The heroine moved cross country to work at a railway restaurant. Might have caught the eye of a cowboy. 

Bring Me Home for Christmas-- apparently I read this in 2012. I didn't remember a single thing at all not even a little from then. lol It was a fun read. A second chance at romance and figuring things out. Christmas spirit, awesome little nothing town full of great people. 

Spring Texas Bride-- grouchy sheriff vs spirited cheerful assistant. It was cute and sweet.

The Coincidence of Callie & Kayden-- was okay. I wasn't blown away like most were. A bit angsty though I liked the characters/group of friends that formed. 

Just a Hint-- Clint-- This was a reread and I loved it once again. Such an unconventional hero. Good mystery, awesome characters. 


I'm down to my last 4 Netgalley reviews for books that are way past due. I'm down to the dregs. I'm reading Gabriel's Redemption now and, honestly, I'm not all that impressed with it at all. On any front.


Finding Me by Kris Jett
Dangerous Beauty by JT Geissinger

I actually did a planner spread!! And have been using it! I've been off this year on the planner so was great getting back to it again for real.

And since I've been sharing food figured I'd continue. Nothing too exciting this week. Cheesy toast, birthday cake, veggies and salad, pizza and pasta. Chick'n sandwiches. I was feeling the need for comfort foods it seems.

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Top Ten: Things That Make Me Pick Up a Book

Ten things? Erms okay...

1. Cover -- I'm a cover whore. This is like 90% or more of my reason. lol
2. Author Name-- if it's an author I love
3. Fake Mates Trope
4. Beauty and the Beast Trope
5. Singe Daddies
6. Pierced Cocks
7. Cowboys
8. Recs from a handful of blogger/reader friends
9. Christmas/Winter theme --especially snowed-in storyline
10. Small town romances

And if any of the above are combined in the same book...Sweet Mary. Gimme!

Question: Name one classic novel you have always wanted to read.
A: Yeah. I'm not a big fan of the classics. High school and college put them firmly on my nope list. lol

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