Friday, September 20, 2013

Drawing the Line (#2) by Kimberly Kincaid

When Detective Jason Morgan is tasked with keeping a local restaurant owner safe as part of a make-or-break case, he rises to the challenge. The job is his first priority, and he owes it to the memory of his father, a detective killed in the line of duty, to do it at any cost. But Jason never expected Serenity Gallagher to be so beautiful, so serious...or so tough to protect.

Serenity has moved from place to place at the whim of her capricious mother all her life. The last thing she wants is to leave the diner she finally calls home, even if it means being stuck with a sexy blue-eyed detective. But she’s the only witness to a horrible crime, and the man behind it wants her very, very dead. Going into protective custody means survival, no matter how much Serenity hates hiding.

As Jason and Serenity bide their time together, they are shocked to discover they have much more in common than the surface reveals. But keeping her safe is Jason’s number one priority, no matter how much he’s drawn in by the woman beneath the witness, and Serenity’s past makes it difficult to trust. As the stakes get higher and the spark burns hotter, can Jason and Serenity draw the line?

Type: Contemporary Romance, Novella
Heat: 3 out of 5
Rating: 4 out of 5

Stock your kitchen and have lots of goodies on hand before starting Drawing the Line. Seriously. I knew this going in and decided to just read a little and ended up having to put everything down and run to the grocery store half way through which was really hard because I was enjoying the hell out of it.

The basic gist is that diner owner Serenity walks in on a crime happening in her restaurant and that lands her in a safe house for a few weeks with the oh so freaking sexy Jason who is the cop tasked with keeping her safe. Perfect recipe for some sexy romance!

I loved Serenity. She's an upfront put-it-all-out-on-the-table kinda heroine. She doesn't play games and never let Jason get away with anything less than the truth. She wasn't at all what Jason was expecting which made it so much fun. I liked him too. He's dedicated, loves his sister something fierce and will do anything in his power to protect others. He's just a good guy. And does sexy very very nicely.

And speaking of sexy the relationship moves pretty quick but was actually realistic because these two knew each other through the diner before everything went down and they ended up in hiding together so the awareness was already there.

The mystery/suspense was nicely done too. Just enough to keep you on edge but not too much that it overwhelmed the romance. There were some nice get your heart pumping faster moments too which I loved. It was all a really nice backdrop and set up for their romance to take flight.

What I love about this series is that they're just light little novellas. You can read them in one or two sittings and they're fun, easy and satisfying. There's some sexy going on, some suspenseful elements and just good people interacting. And the food. The food is real good too.

Are you a Kimberly Kincaid fan? What's *your* favorite thing?
Any foodie romances I need to know about?

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