Sunday, September 22, 2013

Quote-tastic (21)--Yes, Master...

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Alright, I just couldn't decide on one quote this week. So yall are getting two. One funny and one bringing the heat. They're from book three of The Inside Out series by Lisa Renee Jones who is just crazy addictive. Chris and Sara are an interesting couple to say the least.

A little bit of humor...
"I'll go find us a private car and driver," Chris informs me. "You stay with the bags."

I purse my lips. "Yes, Master."\

He arches a brow. "Why is it that I can only get you to say that sarcastically?"

"Because according to you," I remind him, "you don't want me to call you Master."

"Are you saying you would if I wanted you to?"

"Absolutely not."

Chris laughs, a sexy rumble and it is a soothing balm on my nerve endings.
Aaaannnnd a little bit of steam...
His hand settles possessively on my lower back and molds me closer. "That's right." And then his talented tongue is licking into my mouth, drinking me in with one long, seductive stoke, followed by another and another. I moan as his equally talented fingers caress up my waist and over my breast to tease my nipple. A delicious ripple of pleasure travels directly to my sex and I wrap my arms around his neck, pressing closer to his hard, lean body.

He deepens the kiss, caressing my backside-- a firm, deep touch--and I welcome the stir of erotic memories. The room fades away and I am back on my knees on the rug in the living room, naked and exposed for him, as I have never been for another man. Slick heat forms between my thighs where I want Chris. Where I want him now.

Chantal's laughter lifts in the air, louder now, and my eyes pop open. I've totally forgotten we aren't alone. I try to pull away but Chris holds me to him, leaning in to nip my earlobe and whisper, "That's how trust tastes, baby. I'll show you how it feels tonight." He releases me, leaving me weak-kneed.
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