Thursday, September 26, 2013

Run to You by Rachel Gibson

There's nothing like fleeing Miami to ruin a girl's day. Stella Leon's bartending gig was going fine until gorgeous ex-Marine Beau Junger decked her mob-connected boss, spirited her out of the city, and claimed that Stella's half-sister--the one with the perfect life--sent him. Now Stella has no choice but to go along for the ride... and seduce Beau's military-issue socks off...

The Marine Corps was Beau's escape from his old man's legacy of naval heroism and serial philandering, but no amount of training could prepare him for the day he looked in the mirror and saw his father staring back. The answer: swear off meaningless sex. Oh, and find a way to make Stella Leon quit being so damn hot...

Type: Contemporary Romance
Heat: 3 out of 5
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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Rachel Gibson is always good for a light hearted and easy read where you can escape for a few hours, have a couple laughs and walk away with a smile. And Run to You did all that. It's a cute little cross-country adventure as Beau deals with one tiny little woman and a mission that turns his world all upside down and sideways.

Stella's life is a bit of a disaster right now. In one fell swoop Beau pretty much gets her fired, sets her mobster boss and his cronies after her and lands the emotional whopper of her half sister wanting to meet her down on Stella doorstep. So, no money coming in. Emotional upheaval like crazy. Sexy Marine driving her mad as the two take off from FL and head to her new family in Texas. Yeah it's been a rough couple days.

I really liked both Beau and Stella. Beau is all hard alpha male sexiness. The man is blunt as hell and doesn't sugar coat things worth shit. He'll tell ya how it is and that's that. He's the type of guy that if he wants to fuck you he's gonna come right out and tell you he wants to fuck you. If you're a pain in his ass. Yep. He's gonna tell you that flat out too. Romance. Yeah, not his thing. But the man is sexy as hell all the same. And fighting a hell of a case of blue balls because of his new charge Stella who is severely testing his 'no more women' rule.

Stella's a great heroine too. The chickie has some panicky moments but she's cute and funny in weird kind of way and she's just endearing. It was a lot of fun watching the two deal with each other and trying to resist all the electricity snapping between them since their both off the bench when it comes to sex.
He was stuck with a woman who'd found the sweet spot of torture and managed to look innocent and hot as she hit it over and over again. That was the real secret weapon in her torture toolbox. The curve of her neck and waist and ass. One moment he was wondering how he could get her into a sleeper hold while driving down the interstate, and in the next, she flexed and squirmed against him. One second he'd been wondering how to bring the boom down on her, and in the next, she brought it down on his crotch.
I enjoyed the story. Stella's struggles as her current life pretty much comes to an end and she deals with the emotional turmoil of meeting her long lost sister. And Beau's struggles with his past and a woman he really can't resist. But I wish parts had been more fleshed out. It just didn't quite get to that finished feel of things. The relationship ended nicely and everything got all worked out and it was really fun getting there but then there were things like the mobsters that were after Stella. I kept thinking maybe there would be a little more action but these pissed off mobsters with a hard on for her her just kind of... disappeared. A little anticlimactic. Still a fun read and worth picking up but not quite the knock out it could have been if a few things had been given a bit more attention.

Have you read Gibson? Have a favorite?
Do you like a blunt hero or one that's a little more...smooth?

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