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Tear You Apart by Megan Hart

Their passion will consume everything and everyone in its path.

I'm on a train.

I don't know which stop I got on at; I only know the train is going fast and the world outside becomes a blur. I should get off, but I don't. The universe is playing a cosmic joke on me. Here I had my life—a good life with everything a woman could want—and suddenly, there is something more I didn't know I could have. A chance for me to be satisfied and content and maybe even on occasion deliriously, amazingly, exuberantly fulfilled.

So this is where I am, on a train that's out of control, and I am not just a passenger. I'm the one shoveling the furnace full of coal to keep it going fast and faster.

If I could make myself believe it all happened by chance and I couldn't help it, that I've been swept away, that it's not my fault, that it's fate...would that be easier? The truth is, I didn't know I was looking for this until I found Will, but I must've been, all this time. And now it is not random, it is not fate, it is not being swept away.

This is my choice. And I don't know how to stop.

Or even if I want to.

Type: "Romance"
Heat: 3 out of 5
Rating: 2 out of 5

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If I'd known going in that the main theme of Tear You Apart was going to involve infidelity I would have walked away. Real the hell fast. I hate the theme of cheating in a supposed romance. Hate it. But because Hart captured me with her writing within pages I decided to finish the book and was pulled in to the depressing and sad life of Elisabeth and her broken marriage. And unfortunately, even though Hart is a wonderful writer, I can't say that I'm glad I kept reading...

In her mid 40s Elisabeth looks around and realizes her marriage is loveless and her husband--who really is quite the jackass--hardly sees her. She's just going through the paces and wants something more. And that more turns out to be Will, an artist who is showing his photos at her gallery and makes her feel. And so starts the sneaking off any chance they can get as Elisabeth and Will get to know each other and screw like bunnies. It's coupled with her and her husband and the sad home life where her resentment continues to stews and he continues to be oblivious about anything concerning his wife. Oh and they keep on having sex too. Gak.

The only person I kinda sorta cared about was Will--the "other" man who was sexy and talented and easily drew me in but even him I had some problems with because he knew she was married when they started up. But I never could get on board with Elisabeth and in the end didn't even feel sympathetic towards her and her choices--even if her husband really was an enormous prick. If I could put it her cheating out of my mind I enjoyed the time with Will for the most part. The sex scenes were hot and there were some nice moments between them. But then the whole cheating factor would pop back in and would pretty much piss me off again.

While Hart really has a fantastic writing style that flows and easily pulled me in this one just did not work for me on nearly any other level. I just kept waiting for something to happen. For her to either leave her husband or work to save her marriage But it never happened. And in the end I was more ticked off and just saddened by the whole ordeal than anything else and was really rather miffed at the ending {spoiler: she ends up leaving both of them ) I just. I nearly threw the book at that point.

This was a quick read but it just wasn't for me. I love my dark romances and I guess that's what this one would be considered but it never had that dark edgy feel I love and just felt sad and heartbreaking. Though maybe that's what she was going for. I don't know.

My favorite Quote...

Have you read Hart? What did you think?
I did like her actual writing but the theme did me in--are there any of hers you'd suggest?
Are you able to deal with cheating in a novel?

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