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Quote-tastic/Review-- Two can play at that!-- Call On Me by Roni Loren

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Yay for more Roni Loren! Gah but I love her books. And all the yummy delicious quotes they bring. So a couple today because I just couldn't pick. Don't judge. They're awesome.

This first one. I just love that he's always up for causing a little mischief but Oakley gives just as good as she gets and doesn't let him get away with it :D

Pike nodded at her. "Oakley came to the festival to see us play."

"Yall were great," she said. "I couldn't get the songs out of my head for days."

"Yeah, and if I remember right, you thought Geoff was ridiculously hot on stage," Pike offered, mischief in his eyes.

Her neck went hot when Geoff grinned wide, but she wasn't going to let Pike get the last word. "I did say that. You free tonight, Geoff?"

Braxton let out a bark of a laugh and Geoff winked. "Totally. Lets get out of here, sweetheart."

Pike's mouth flattened, and he put a hand on Geoff's chest when he tried to step toward Oakley. Pike sent her a look. "Well played, Ms. Easton."

She smirked.
 And dammit! In this one I so want what he's teasingly offering! 
"Are you still wearing what you were earlier?" he asked. 

"Oh my God. Seriously? The what are you wearing question? You could at least--"

"Tell me."

"Ugh. The shirt but not the pants. Super hot."

He made some sort of pleased sound on the other end. "Good. That's exactly how I'm picturing you now."


"And though you didn't ask, I'm wearing nothing. Just my sheets. I like the way they feel against my skin."

She rolled onto her side and pressed her face into her pillow. Shit on a stick. Pike was naked. This was a stupid, stupid idea. She needed to hang up. She adjusted her headset. "You are making crap up right now. I know this game way better than you."

"Don't taunt me, mama. I'm not above sending you a dick pic."

"Don't you dare."

"Play nice then. Now, where were we?" he said, in a sleep-soft, sexy voice--all cool sheets and hot skin and long nights.

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Call on Me (Loving on the Edge, #8) by Roni Loren

So. I'm gonna try not to squee at yall too much. But omg freaking SQUEE!! It's just so hard not to bounce around and totally fan girl after reading one of Loren's books. Every single time I pick one up she just wows me all over again with knockout romances that bring passion, heat and incredible spirit. Call On book nom. I devoured it then dragged my heels on that last chapter like you wouldn't believe because I just didn't want it to end. But, man, so good! And I'm sorry in advance. Lots of words will follow. But I couldn't help myself!! lol

The quick of it is that Pike's friend has asked for a favor. *dum..dum..dum* And it's one that make's his hands sweat--working with a group of kids on a musical event to help raise donations for their college fund. Yeah. Pike is rather freaked about the whole idea because, really, he's a playboy drummer, he should NOT be in charge of kids. But he's a good guy and caves. Added bonus? The prim and proper receptionist who gives him a hard time from "Go" lights up all his buttons. Having to work with her? Oh yeah. He can't wait to unravel her. And if he's got anything to say about it there's lots of sweaty nekkid time in their future. Yay!

Pike was one of those heroes who just grabs you by the heartstrings and won't let go. This guy. He's...spirited to say the least. A happily shameless flirt with crazy talent, a good heart (yall he's totally smitten with his dog) and that's rocking some deep down hurts from his past. I loved everything about Pike. From his outrageous moments to his insecure ones. He'd have me busting out laughing one moment, in a total swoon the next--because DAYUM! he's hot--and then would bring on the tears as he struggled with feeling like he was never enough for someone to just see and want...him. Not the musician or what he could do for them but him.

And Oakley. She's a fighter. She'd not been dealt the easiest hands in life and was a single mother to a little girl with autism but she fought to give them a good life and was just an amazing mother. I really enjoyed her and watching her open up, let loose a little and find a bit more balance in her life instead of every single moment being focused on being a mother. She had some sass and fire in her too and wasn't afraid to give Pike a little hell.

The romance? Seriously. I loved these two together. I loved watching them both open up to someone, explore, tease and get to know each other. The honesty between them, the way they took risks together. The passion and how they were when it was just about them and the pleasure and what they could do to each others bodies. It was just amazing watching them fall and change for the better. And holy cow. When things heat up they HEAT UP! Total curl your toes goodness that was very sexy, a little bit kinky and lots of delicious fun. There's nothing too extreme but there is some backdoor action, a little dominance/submission and some exhibitionism. 

One aspect I really think makes the series special is the feeling of family. Both with Oakley's daughter who is a high functioning autistic and with the friends they've both surrounded themselves with (lots of previous characters make appearances) They all brought such a homey feel to the book and really make you want to be a part of the group. You can just tell how much everyone means to each other. How they've really become a solid rock for each other. Oakley's daughter was especially moving and brought a very sweet element to the story as Pike just as hard for her as he did her mother. It was a total heart melter seeing the two together. The bond between mom and daughter was wonderful too. It was all very touching and well done and a fantastic layer to the story. 

All in all, Call On Me was an amazing ride. Sensual, passionate, full of heart, humor and a welcoming warmth that's impossible not to bask in and enjoy. It was just everything I look for in an erotic romance. Roni Loren is quickly becoming one of my "drop everything and read her now!" authors. If you haven't tried her yet...gah. Go! Pick any of them. They're all amazing and work well as stand alones so you can start wherever and you'll be fine :D

**quick meh on the cover. Usually the ones in this series work for me because they connect in some way to the story. For the life of me I can't figure this one out. If you've read it and see the connection let me know!

Have you read Loren? Which is your favorite?
Do you have a favorite single parent hero or heroine?
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